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A bit more on a wildly entertaining game and how can Air Canada ever cry poor?

That was some night, wasn’t it?

Think I might have mentioned this in the IGBT at some point but for a mid-November game, you aren’t going to get many better than that and even if it had turned out differently, it was a helluva night of sports entertainment.

And I’m sure there are dogs of games to come and we would do well when they do to recall that one.

How good was that?

A very nice video for Vince, understated and well done, was a great touch and a bit better than I had expected.

The reaction?


The standing ovation came out of nowhere, anyone who had an issue with the decision to even do it were graceful enough to keep to themselves and not spoil it for those who wanted to celebrate the moment.

Extremely well done all around and while the people were standing and cheering, this dropped into my inbox.

“Proud of our fans. Did not expect that!!!!”

Frankly, neither did I. Well done.

I also thought it interesting that a handful of the Raptors stood and applauded as well.

Of course, Terrence Ross was among them, which shouldn’t be surprising since Ross wore a Vince jersey during one of his dunk contest appearance to pay homage to the guy.

Ross, who isn’t the most verbose guy at the best of times, was downright chatty after the game talking about Carter and playing against him.

“It’s almost like a dream. You see Vince and the Raptors highlights; when you see him lined up on the other side, it’s something you only dream about.”

Yeah, it was a pretty touchy feely night all around.

Speaking of …

If that wasn’t a Terrence Ross night to perfectly sum up the young fella and where he is now, can’t imagine one that’ll be better.

Basically invisible for the first three quarters, he got loose for 14 points in the fourth, had his only two rebounds of the night and a blocked shot.

Big quarter, out of nowhere. Sure, it can be infuriating to coaches to see him do nothing and then explode but that’s why they keep trotting him out, those explosive periods are huge.

So, Dwane, why?

“Like most players, when you see the ball go in the hoop that opened him up, got him going … But a winning player will find other ways to contribute and that’s what T did. Kind of had his dauber down a little bit but got himself going by watching the ball go through the hole, you see another one go through hole and all at once his defence picks up, his rebounding picks up.

“It’s human psychology. If you figure that one out, let me know.

Yes, Dwane did use the phrase “dauber down” and I knew what it meant.

Proving his point

All the time, Dwane’s telling us “that’s why you have 15 guys on the roster, that’s why guys get paid twice a month. To be ready.”

Hello, Old Man Strength.

And if Chuck Hayes doesn’t do a thing the rest of the season – and I doubt that’ll be the case – he won ‘em a game and that’s a good enough contribution for a lot of people, isn’t it?

And it’s why you want true professionals down at the end of the bench, guys who won’t sulk or cause a disruption when they don’t play and guys who will be ready when they’re called upon.

Was nice to see, wasn’t it?

A bit, of course.

Lost a Motown giant.

Oh, and please don’t forget the mail, there’s not much there right now and the weekend’s coming and I need some help.

And since I’ve got a thing at a place and I can’t be here at noon to do the usual Q and A I’m sure your inquisitive little minds must be working overtime.

It’s , as always. And I could use some missives.

Is there a worse feeling than waking up after a couple of hours sleep with work to do and realizing that only did you forget to go to the grocery store you forgot to ask Super Wife to go and there isn’t a drop of coffee in the house?

Yeah, I’m not sure how I’m going to get his done, either.

Okay, a travel story.

At one point, I was going to drive to Cleveland today to do some feature work for the weekend and await the arrival of the HOTH for the big Saturday night game.

Of course, the apocalyptic snow on the south edge of Buffalo meant that journey wasn’t going to happen and I wasn’t sure I’d have time to make the much-longer trek around the other end of the lake through Detroit.

So, on a lark, I figured I’d check last minute flights; sure, it’d probably be a bit expensive but Mother Star’s loaded and, besides, they don’t want me stuck in a snow drift for three days or so.

What do you think a direct Air Canada flight, the only airline that goes direct between Toronto and Cleveland would want for a flght, leaving this afternoon or even Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday morning.

Are you sitting down?

They want $ 2,488.


Can you imagine that? Stunning.

I could probably charter something for as much money, or take half of it, find some willing guy with a nicer car and too much time on his hands and get driven there and back.

Of course, that’s out so I was goofing around looking for connections and, yeah, you can go Toronto-LaGuardia-Cleveland and back for about a third of the price but it gets even better.

On our line booking tool gave me these other options to go:

Toronto-Montreal, Montreal-Newark, Newark-Cleveland

Toronto-LaGuardia, LaGuardia-Charlotte, Charlotte-Cleveland

And these options to come back

Cleveland-Detroit, Detroit-Montreal, Montreal-Toronto

Cleveland-Philadelphia, Philadelphia-Newark, Newark-Toronto.

Lewis and Clark had it easier.

I’d forgotten that if you cover a team that’s good, people want to talk about it. And they come from varied places, that’s for sure.

Yeah, NBA TV makes a bit of sense ( here’s how that went last night if you’ll pardon the shameless self-promotion) but I’m going to do a first later this morning when I tape a segment for National Public Radio for its weekend Only A Game program.

Yeah, NPR!

As one guy with the Raptors said, stunned as he was:

“The NPR in the United States? That NPR?”

Yes, indeed.

Go figure, eh?

I’d love to show you how the Memphis Commercial Appeal handled the game last night but it’s got an even worse paywall than ours and I can’t get that the story.


None found.