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A quick start to the weekend mail

Just a bit of mail to get the weekend started; this is what I had done before a totally enjoyable lazy Saturday morning.

Yeah, there’s a fair bit leftover that I’ll get to by sometime tomorrow morning but if you’ve got stuff on your mind, get over to and let me know what you’re thinking.

Q: I just read where Bruce Springsteen in concert this week performed the whole River album from start to finish in sequential order. A brilliant move and one that I am surprised that a band hasn’t did before, so my question is if you could here one album performed in it’s entirety in concert from start to end what would it be?

My choice would be Abbey Road especially the B side as it is just a bunch of small snippets of songs strung together but to hear the whole album from start to finish would be my choice, McCartney should do it sometime.

A: I hear you on Abbey Road and it’d likely be on my list but it would be behind Dark Side Of The Moon and Hotel California and I’d probably put The White Album up there, too.

And all reports from the other night – especially Springsteen-crazed Baseball Steve – said the show was, predictably, energy-filled, long and tremendous.

Q: Hi Doug

I wanted to see if you could get an update on the new practice facility. I know it’s supposed to be the bees knees (my mothers expression). But I thought it was to be ready to show off for the All Star game.  I can only assume no news means that it is behind schedule.

Cheers Bob,

In Hamilton

A: Actually, it’s all ready to go and the grand unveiling will be some day next week when we’re on the road, Wednesday, I believe. It came in right on time but I don’t imagine anyone too important is going to see it too much during all-star weekend, everyone is pretty busy with league obligations.

But it will be the team’s new off-day home right after the shenanigans of the weekend are over.

Q: I liked the Springsteen from the other day, was the first concert I ever saw, my Aunt was a huge fan, my Uncle not so much, so we went.

And with your stories of the Expo’s spring training – often on a stool.  Wonder what the connection to your current health is, lol.  Hope you get feeling better before you retire, hate to see you miss any good trips because your boss doesn’t want to work you too hard…

A: I like your Aunt better than your Uncle, if I may say so.

My boss is the best boss, The Mighty Quinn fights me if I try to take too much on and I don’t publicly thank her enough for that.

But I did get the basic maintenance checkup a couple of weeks ago and the doc didn’t have an episode when the old cuff went on the arm and I did my mandatory 48 hours with the Holter Monitor a while ago and passed.

And I won’t miss good trips, trust me on that, and I appreciate you asking.

If Demarre had been healthy I have no doubt that his impact on the court would have made the Raptors that much better,  but given how the season has played out, who do you think was the more important offseason signing:  Carroll or Joseph?

Dr. Justin

A: I think without question that today it’s Cory, which says everything about the injuries and bumps that have bothered Carroll since training camp and I think it might very well change in the last 15 or 20 games of the season.

Q: Hi Doug,

You asked about how to improve the all star weekend. How’s about a 2 on 2 half court tournament.

(Hey, they could bring out Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrison to team up again !!! Joking).

They could do a random draw for teams and do a best to 10.  It would be like schoolyard ball all over again for these players and would be way more entertaining to watch then 3 quarters of no one caring and 12 min of semi effort.

Dave from Brantford

A: I actually think the Sunday night is just fine, to tell you the truth. Maybe the long- and oft-suggested USA vs. The Rest of the World format might finally be workable but if they didn’t change it, I wouldn’t care.

Now, 2-on-2 sounds fun, and so does 3-on-3 and maybe that’s how they jazz up the stale Saturday night but two things to consider:

Everything they do has to fit into a basic TV window and  2-on-2 or 3-on-3 thing doesn’t lend itself to the kind of precision timing necessary for the TV folks and I can’t imagine many NBAers wanting to give up their all-star weekend vacation to maybe play one game of 2-on-2 or 3-on-3. It’s why you often see guys in the dunk contest or three-point shot contest or skills challenge who have to be in the city anyway.

Q: Hey Doug,

Been missing you on Facebook.  Used to see links to the daily blog, Nothing but Net, and the weekend mail, but haven’t for awhile.  Just wondering if it has to do with timing on my part or a change in posting from Mother Star?

About next year, stop laughing, rolling your eyes and shaking your head, just wondering if you could see the Raptors retaining the service of Biyombo on some kind of extended deal?  I was a touch surprised to read he was only on a one year deal, and although he does have some limits, thought the fouling problem doesn’t seem to be as bad as I originally thought, he positives seem to far outweigh a number of things.

Ilderton ON

A: I honestly didn’t know about the Facebook thing, I never go on there (I suppose I should) and the stuff I did that ended up on my “page” was done automatically and electronically and not by me. I do know our focus is much greater on the tablet and the tweeter so maybe that’s it but I will pass this on, thanks.

As for Biyombo, he has a player option for next year, I presume he will take it with the infusion of money into the market and given his improving offensive skills and consistent ability to protect the rim and defend, I am sure the Raptors will want him. Whether they can make the money and years work, I don’t know, but I do know they like him a lot and would make him a priority if he opts out.

Q: Doug, I have being watching most games recently and have noted that Terrance Ross is improving with his play. He seems to be able to sink the 3 ball on most occasions although his percentage is around 41. Why is it that he gets totally ignored on so many occasions when he is standing in the corner waiting for the ball and nobody tries to pass to him.

He gets ignored.

Is it that the other players don’t see him or that a play does not include him.  

Jim from Cambridge

A: I’m not sure “ignored” is the right word because he gets his shots, it’s on him to move a bit and create some defensive movement and, frankly, he’s at least third in the pecking order and there are a lot better shots out there for the team to take.

And sometimes – and this goes for all kinds of sets and options – what looksopen” on TV simply isn’t if defenders are smart enough to clog the passing lanes.


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