A Real Debate on Mass Immigration to Canada

A Real Debate on Mass Immigration to Canada
The People's Party of Canada

Last week, an ad paid by a third party organization that supports the PPC appeared on billboards across the country. 

It said, “No to Mass Immigration.” 

That’s a message our party agrees with. 

We propose less immigration, better integration of immigrants in our society, and a sharper focus on Canada’s economic needs.

But our opponents don’t want to have this debate. They pressured the billboard company to remove them. 

They’re also trying to keep me out of leaders’ debates.

I know for a fact there are millions of Canadians like you who potentially support our policies. But they must hear about them first. 

We only have two months before the election to get the message out.

You can help by signing our petition to get me in the debates if you haven’t already, and forward it to a friend. 

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