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A Recent Study Says a Quarter of British Women Are Misdiagnosing Themselves Using the Internet

Toronto News, (PR) May 18, 2012

A recent study says one in four British women are misdiagnosing themselves on the internet. The research that was commissioned by Balance Activ, has found women have a high likelihood of diagnosing problems they see as embarrassing online, over going to see their healthcare practitioner.

Penny McCormick, spokesperson for Balance Activ commented on the research saying, However women choose to get advice about their health, being embarrassed by symptoms should never lead to them making a quick or unsupported diagnosis on their own unless they are certain of the quality of the information.

The results of the study was interesting: Over a quarter of respondents said they dreaded talking to doctors about anything embarrassing, and a third of the sample had endured at least two weeks of worrying about a potential ailment instead of going to the get it checked out.

Furthering this information, one in twenty women said they had spent a number of years worrying a particular symptom was something serious.

The symptoms that were most likely to prompt a women to self-diagnose using the internet were muscle pain, itching and fatigue.

Spokesperson for Bel Marra Health Jim Chiang says people need to be careful, there are so many medical information resources available on the internet, and people need to be aware of the credibility of the information they are reading up on. They also need to be conscientious enough to know when a symptom is serious enough that medical help simply becomes the only option.

(SOURCE: HuffPost Living Canada, Self-Diagnosis Online: A Quarter Have Misdiagnosed Thanks To Internet, April, 2012)

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