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A week or so in the minors is much ado about Nothing

I’m really trying to figure out what all the hullabaloo is about over the decision the Jays made to send the Hutchison fellow down to Buffalo, except for the fact that he has to spend time in Buffalo and that kinda sucks.

He wasn’t going to start on this road trip because they only need four starters and he’s the decided fifth, especially away from Toronto — Lord knows his road record is atrocious whether he wants to acknowlege it or not

And it’s not like he was likely to get any work in as a long reliever because the starters have so outstanding of late, each going into the sixth or seventh and the bullpen roles are finally more clearly defined.

And they needed another position player for the Philly series at least, and they could probably use one until the rosters expand Sept. 1 anyway.

And if he’s going to be sitting around being a de facto cheerleader before his next scheduled Toronto start, isn’t it a no-brainer to send him out and let him get at least one Buffalo start before he comes back?

Shouldn’t he – and those who think he’s the cat’s meow – be quite happy that he’ll get some work in and maybe stay fresh rather than kill a Blue Jays roster spot for a couple of weeks of inactivity?

Given the circumstances of this Toronto team right now, the only sensible move given the schedule and the staff and the demands in other parts of the roster was to ship him out.

This is a business and a man’s game and the most important stretch this franchise has faced in 20 years. Making the most of available roster moves is just logical.

It’s not like they’re sending him to the seventh circle of hell to never be heard from again – lots of people have escaped Buffalo, I’m told – and he’s still, by all accounts, a valued member of rotation.

There’s no indication that his feelings have been someone damaged by this logical move and if they are, that’s too bad; it’s time to make moves that give the team the best chance to win every night and this is not something to get worked up about.

I honestly don’t see or understand the counterpoint.

My goodness gracious.

These guys are playing a bandshell concert at the CNE. Yeah, THIS YEAR!!!

I think it’s Wednesdayafter a 10-day trip full of games and work I’m never really sure for a couple of days exactly when it is – so it’s time to start asking for mail.

Bet a lot of you are just itching to type long, query-filled notes so now’s your chance and send ‘em to and let me know what you’re thinking, okay?

So let’s say the HOTH get this Valanciunas thing done today or tomorrow – and I know the Lithuanian team would like him back sooner rather than later.

What’s next? Well, I imagine at some point they have to decide if they’ll do a contract extension this summer for Terrence Ross, the other guy who’s eligible for one.

I’d say no. An emphatic no, as a matter of fact.

I think, given that he’s now a backup, that he’s not a 7-footer and that his game still has many gaping holes, that they would let him play out next season and see where he is next summer before deciding whether or not to lock him up for three or four years after that.

Ross does have a couple of undisputable skills – he’s a very good catch-and-shoot guy and he is athletic – but there are gaping holes in his game and until you see that they’re filled, I don’t think the risk of a long-term deal is worth it.

Of course, he could have an excellent year backing up DeMarre Carroll and DeMar DeRozan and that might drive his price up as a restricted free agent but I think I’d take the risk.

Of course, that means Masai will probably want to lock up an asset and he’ll do a Ross deal tomorrow but that’d be just because my jinx abilities carry on through the summer.

I saw yesterday that they put tickets on sale for the Raptors pre-season and I’ll reiterate again that they’ve at least taken one small step towards cleaning up that mess.

Down to seven games – and only two in Toronto – is a solid idea. I still say four is the most they need and it should be one at home, one on the road in an NBA city and two in neutral sites to satisfy out-of-market fans but seven is better than eight and maybe next year they do the right thing and cut way back.

Now, when I start whining about the number of off-days and the lack of good story ideas in October, someone please slap me in the head and remind me exploring off-day possibilities if far better than watching pretend games.

Oh and one other thing about the schedule was pointed out to me and it’s somewhat interesting.

Major league baseball announced its post-season schedule the other day and if the Blue Jays do the right thing, they’ll be hosting Game 2 of the World Series a few steps down the road from where the Raptors are opening the regular season against the Indiana Pacers.

Bet it’s lonely in the ACC that night.