Another Big Pandering Government

Another Big Pandering Government

Justin Trudeau unveiled his new cabinet last week, with 37 ministers.

Until the 1970s, the government of Canada always comprised fewer than 30 ministers.

Who started this big-cabinet trend? Pierre Trudeau of course.

The bigger the government, the more ministers you need to administer it.

Most ministers nowadays don’t even work for all Canadians.

Their role is to pander to different groups of voters.

Everybody laughed when they heard we now have a minister of “middle-class prosperity.”

Isn’t our government supposed to work for the prosperity of ALL Canadians?

We have a minister of finance, a minister of economic development and a minister of innovation, all of which are busy handing out corporate subsidies and making us pay for it.

Why do we have different ministers for youth, seniors and women?

Why do we have a minister of international development sending billions of our tax dollars to build roads in Africa?

The only party left in Canada that fights for a smaller government is the People’s Party of Canada.

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