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Authors Find a Lucrative Second Platform as Public Speakers with Speakerfile

Toronto News, (PR) July 05, 2012

SpeakerfilePublicists and book agents may struggle in todays tech-savvy environment to establish their authors personal brands as thought leaders in their fields. Event appearances help build word-of-mouth marketing for authors, but it can be a time consuming process to find and set up speaking opportunities where authors can showcase their work.

Speakerfile is an online expert network and events marketplace that provides a better way to connect industry and professional speakers with global events and media. Offered as a free service to event organizers, Speakerfile is a simpler way to discover, evaluate and efficiently connect with speakers using rich-media profiles, advanced search, and private connection features. For organizations seeking to promote their thought leaders as speakers, Speakerfile allows those organizations to quickly create an affordable and professional looking corporate speaker site that can be viewed and efficiently searched by a global network of event organizers.

Speakerfile has a growing base of industry clients now using its platform to feature their experts and speakers in knowledge-based industries, including: Legal, Accounting, Finance, Technology, Media/Publishing and Health Care. Clients include: Deloitte, KPMG, Research in Motion, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, IDC, Baycrest Hospital, Veracap Corporate Finance, and the Conference Board of Canada.

Today, Speakerfile is changing the way authors find and book events. A new online platform for connecting a global community of experts to the meetings and conferences industry, Speakerfile is officially launching its Publisher Edition update to the industry at Book Expo America. These new tools help authors, publicists, and agents better promote and manage their public speaking appearances through a global network of events.

Speakerfile provides the first-ever online marketplace of its kind. The platform gives event organizers a free and comprehensive resource to discover, evaluate, and book fresh and talented public speakers, whether they are looking for a keynote or an author appearance.

Thousands of authors and speakers in over 70 countries have now registered profiles on Speakerfile to speak on over 4,000 topics. The company is now expanding Speakerfile events to include author appearances at libraries and booksellers around the world. Speakerfile Publisher Edition offers significant advancements for even the smallest of publishing organizations, increasing visibility, discovery, and book speaking engagements for their authors.

“We have been looking for this kind of solution for a number of years,” says Jason Allen Ashlock, President of Movable Type Management, who has authors featured on Speakerfile. “Speakerfile is a very novel way to present our authors and more efficiently connect them to speaking appearances. Platforms such as Speakerfile will form the future of the publishing industry.

Key features of the Speakerfile Publisher Edition release include:
-Branded Speakers Bureau: The ability to create and manage a professional-looking, white-labeled, speakers bureau for authors, which can be done in minutes with no IT support required.
-Publicist Administration: Third-party administrative features allow publicists and agents to manage author content, as well as connection and booking activities, on behalf of their clients.
-Rich-Media & Amazon Integration: Authors can now add direct links to their published works in their portfolio section, complete with Amazon integration to bring interested users directly to their product page. Alongside the existing ability to post documents, video links, slides, and audio files, an author’s full range of expertise can be showcased. Speakerfile also integrates with industry standard platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, and LinkedIn.

“The Speakerfile platform does what good technology should: it solves problems, and it connects people, says Kip Hawley, former TSA Administrator, global security expert, and author of Permanent Emergency: Inside the TSA and the Fight for the Future of American Security. It does this elegantly and efficiently.”

“I’m lucky enough to get to travel the world talking about business and innovation, says Hap Klopp, the former 20-year CEO of The North Face and author of The Adventure of Leadership. Speakerfile meets the needs of those of us who seek opportunities to share our ideas, and those who want to hear them.”

“Event organizers have told us that booking authors for speaking appearances remains a time-consuming process. We aim to change that, says Peter Evans, Founder and CEO of Speakerfile. Now theres an uncomplicated, yet powerful solution for publicists to showcase their clients and help event organizers discover, evaluate, and connect with their authors in a simpler way.

The Speakerfile online marketplace is offered free of charge to event planners who are listing their event and searching for authors for speaking engagements. The online service does not charge a commission for speaker placements; the platform generates revenue from premium speaker profiles and corporate speaker bureau software. The Speakerfile signup page provides more information on membership types and pricing.

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