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B.C. legislature clerks under microscope for gold-plated treatment

VICTORIA—B.C. legislature clerks are under the political microscope for receiving gold-plated treatment from the pockets of provincial taxpayers.

An all-party committee that oversees the financial operations of the B.C. legislature used a meeting on Tuesday to review controversial spending.

Among the tabs was a retirement contract worth $ 500,000, a trip to Africa with spouse in tow and a spa stay in Arizona.

Craig James at Elections B.C. went before the committee to vigorously defend more than 40-thousand dollars in travel expenses.

He says his wife joined him at a conference because he got a deal that amounted to a free ticket, and it just so happened to be held at a spa.

But after the meeting was over, a watchdog called Integrity B.C. released freedom of information data showing James’ bills resulted in changes to travel policy at the elections monitoring agency.

The committee also took aim at former B.C. legislature clerk George MacMinn, who was granted a $ 500,000 post-retirement consulting package. – News