Barrie dad tells court he wants to change life after 3 overdoses

A 28-year-old Barrie man who said he’s died three times told a court he hopes to clean up his act, get off drugs and spend time with his young daughter.

Munden Cody Smith pleaded guilty to a raft of charges Thursday ranging from dining and dashing with a knife in hand to assault and mischief over the course of about a month during the fall of 2019.

“I’ve been addicted to fentanyl and I died three times in the last couple months, so I’m looking at getting into a rehab program and straighten my life out and see my daughter, be with my daughter,” Smith told the court, explaining that he had overdosed three times.

“That should kind of … get the message through I should think,” responded Justice Enno Meijers, adding that Smith’s behaviour has been alienating a lot of people.

Many of the charges, including assault, related to his mom, with whom he had an order not to communicate. In one encounter they got into an argument over buying cigarettes and he punched her, court heard. He also punched out a light outside her home.

When police were called they found him in a trailer on the property where he had been sleeping – its windows had been smashed in.

Ten days later he ordered food and drinks at a downtown Barrie restaurant, ringing up a bill for $ 111. Court heard when he tried to flee and was blocked, he tossed a folding buck knife to the ground.

Smith pleaded guilty to another assault as well as threatening and mischief.

He was sentenced to time served. Smith has spent 220 days in jail, and was given 1.5 days credit for each day served. He was also put on probation for 12 months and ordered to pay the restaurant for the food and drinks and pay for the light he busted at his mom’s place.

In addition to a record dating back to 2015, Smith faces theft-related charges in the Peterborough area.

Last April the Peterborough Police Service used a tracking dog to find a theft suspect in Cavan Monaghan.

A dirt bike, helmets, and television were stolen from the garage of a house and the suspect fled into nearby woods. He was eventually found with the help of the dog, hiding in a densely wooded swamp. Smith was saddled with theft-related charges and is scheduled to appear in Peterborough court Nov. 3.




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