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Bell removes equipment box but new complaint comes in: Fixer

Patrick Castelino is a happy guy after Bell Canada removed an equipment box from his property — and without charging him $ 250,000 to do it.

We’ve been reporting on Castelino’s battle with Bell over a big box that was built into a fence on his property, as well as the utility’s attempts to install even more equipment in his yard without his permission.

At one point, Bell told him it didn’t need his approval to put more equipment boxes on his property and would only move the box along the fence line if he paid their estimated costs of $ 250,000.

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Bell changed its tune after we first wrote about it in April, promising it would no longer try to put more stuff in his yard, and agreeing to move the box at no cost to him.

Castelino sent us a photo Wednesday of the box in its new location, on the city right-of-way, about two metres away from his property, which has a new section of fence where the box used to be.

At the time, Bell told us it does not occupy private property without the owner’s permission, which doesn’t square with the experience of many readers who told us about similar problems.

We got a complaint Tuesday from Ken Williams, who said that he and his neighbour are fed up with a temporary cable that Bell strung across their properties, through their trees and hedges.

This line was installed four months ago without permission. Then the repair man said it would only be temporary, about two weeks,” he said, adding that he and his neighbour called Bell, but “we got the runaround.

They keep passing the buck, giving different contract numbers, telling us someone will be out on such a day to remove the cable, but no one ever came.

“Today, June 2, after 13 weeks, a Bell technician arrived, had a look around, walked back and forth a few times and then took off without informing two irate neighbours what was going to be done.

“They even said when we first complained that we could be charged the cost of moving the cable.”

It sounds all too familiar, unfortunately.

STATUS: We’ve forwarded Williams’ note to a media contact at Bell, and asked that it show him the same consideration extended to Castelino.

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