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Can the Rockets and Wizards add a little juice to a boring post-season?

Now that there’s nothing going on with the local basketball team, even more attention will be turned the rest of the league as we await the inevitable – and potentially epic – rubber series between Cleveland and Golden State.

And it can’t come quickly enough because, man, these playoffs have basically sucked, haven’t they?

Outside of that Ginobili game the other night, which was classic and a perfect chance to remember again how electrifying and fun the guy can be, the entire post-season has been filled with ho-hum games, predictable games and routs and has, frankly, been boring.

How that might change if the two series that are left get to seventh games and there really isn’t much to separate San Antonio and Houston and Boston and Cleveland. If those two get to a sudden-death game, or even if the coming Game 6s are close and dramatic it might save the first two rounds from going down as some of the least-eventful series, overall, in recent memory.

Sure, the Clippers-Jazz first round series went seven games and it had some compelling moments and maybe there was a game or two here or there that captured the imagination but for sustained drama? This has been a flat post-season, hasn’t it?

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And you know what? Unless either or both of Wizards and Rockets give us a chance to get to a second-round seventh game, I don’t think we’re going to have much sustained drama until the finals.

I don’t think anyone who’s watched anything that’s unfolded can legitimately suggest that either Golden State or Cleveland will be challenged in the conference finals.

I’d love San Antonio to be able to push the Warriors but without Tony Parker and with Kawhi Leonard even remotely hobbled, can’t see that happening.

I’d love to think Washington’s backcourt could give Cleveland trouble (no way Boston would be able to score enough to push the Cavs) but I also have no faith that the Wizards can get by the Cetlics.

I think it’s entirely possible that neither conference final, no matter who challenges the Warriors or Cavs, gets to six games and we’ll be left with days to wait around for the only championship series fans want and deserve.

So let’s hope Houston can win tonight and Washington can win tomorrow and that the games are close and compelling because that’s the only way we’re going to get any juice in this post-season until the June 1 start of the final.

Haven’t heard these guys in a while. So ….

How about them Reds?

Two goals in the last 10 minutes, five wins on the trot, tops in the East, deep and good.

And they’ve drawn level in the Trillium Cup race!

Might be an interesting summer around these parts after all.

Hope the grass at BMO doesn’t get too chewed up with the coming gridiron season.

You’ve done a solid job on the mail so far, at least as far as I can see with a quick look at the in-box, but there’s always room for more at askdoug@thestar.ca.

So which Blue Jay is going to go on the DL today?

Holy crap, that’s some crazy stuff going on with that team, isn’t it? They can’t stay healthy but they have won two series in a row and that’s better than losing two series in a row, I guess.

But if you fear this week’s success will build false hope in fans, does it really matter?

With baseball and especially with baseball here this year, I’d say, it’s absolutely best to think only the short-term, to enjoy that night’s game if you can. It should be that way for all sports, worrying about next week or next month or three months form now is silly, games should be treated as one-off events and when you get to the end, you add up the one-offs and see where you are.

If you’re really wondering what’s up with the Raptors this week, all of the Tall Foreheads are off in Chicago at the pre-draft camp that’s basically lost all of its allure over the years.

None of the top players take part, agents like to shield them from too much scrutiny or too much competition and the most important work gets done when teams have interview session with players in hotel rooms rather than watching them play on the court.

Time was, it was a great way to measure this guy against that guy – we used to staff it way back in the day to get an early look at the possible Raptors draft picks – but as a “basketball” event, it’s lost all of its allure.

I know the TV networks try to sell it as something but, trust me, it’s not a bit deal whatsoever.

But Masai and The Henchmen are there, if you’re wondering what’s up with them.