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Canadian Innovators Develop Ground Breaking Step by Step Real Estate Investment System

Toronto, Canada (PR) February 07, 2012

For the rest of the month of February, Real Estate Investment Educators, Tom and Nick Karadza, are sharing some of their success secrets for free in their new book “Income For Life for Canadians”.

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After spending thousands of dollars on attending real estate classes, “guru lead” conferences, seminars and boot camps, and “millionaire” online courses, real estate educators and investors Tom and Nick Karadza had discovered a major problem. They couldnt find any highly publicized real estate investors who were actually implementing the investing strategies they were teaching, much less even making a profit from their investments. All the “Real Estate Gurus” were making money from teaching outdated strategies, not from actual real estate ventures. Even worse, they discovered many real estate students turned into novice investors and had horror stories of bad properties, lousy tenants, and negative cash flow challenges.

A bold move was necessary to learn the answers about really making money in today’s real estate market. In their quest for the truth they traveled across North America meeting with successful, real money making investors to learn the secrets behind their successes. After months of speaking with Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) managers, and the heads of Asset Management and Loss Mitigation Departments and Senior Vice Presidents of North Americas largest banks, Tom and Nick went on to implement what they had learned and began helping others do the same. After repeated success they decided to open up Rock Star Real Estate Inc, a brokerage just outside Toronto, Ontario dedicated to working exclusively with real estate investors – the first ever of its kind in Canada.

According to Nick, The biggest problem we found real estate investors faced, in addition to not having the right information, was a lack of local support.” With a network of experienced people to turn to for mentorship and guidance, both the beginner and experienced investors can go on to achieve amazing success and are able to generate more positive cash flow on properties than almost anybody thought possible. Tom adds, “Its been really exciting to be able to help investors create positive cash flow and build a portfolio of assets, and ultimately wealth.

Tony and Marilou Soria, recent clients from Mississauga, Ontario, had this to say, We are very happy to have Tom and Nick Karadza as our real estate investment coaches. We would not have been able to start and grow our real estate investing business without their guidance. Sometimes we feel they are doing this from the kindness of their hearts because of the great support we receive from them. Its not difficult to see why Tom and Nick have received this kind of feedback given their dedication to excellence in all areas of real estate. Together with their clients they created over $ 804,867 in monthly revenue in a 4 year period.

There seems to be no stopping the brothers, the National Post newspaper referred to them as two brothers who never seem to sleep and Canadian Real Estate Magazine interviewed them for multiple issues of their nationally distributed publication.

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