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Canadian Retail Solutions Expands Management One Presence to Provide Winning@Retail to Ontario and Lower Mainland British Columbia

Toronto News, (PR) March 1, 2013

Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) is expanding its offering of the Management One Winning@Retail program to Ontario and the lower mainland of British Columbia. Ontario and some of Eastern Canada will be taken care of by Focus Retail, a retail consultancy group formed solely to deliver the Winning@Retail program by managing partners Jeff Jankelow and Gordon Peters. Additionally, CRS is adding Kirsten Wilby-Hynds, a White Rock, British Columbia based consultant to its roster to assist its lower BC mainland clients with the Winning@Retail program.

Management Ones Winning@Retail Program: A Success Plan for Retail Business

Canadian Retail Solutions has been offering the Management One Winning@Retail Program for long enough to see it have a positive impact on clients businesses, so much so that it is expanding its offering of the program. Winning@Retail is, at its core, a unique retail business and inventory planning tool that works with any Point of Sale (POS) or inventory management system to build a successful plan for a retail business. Winning@Retail doesnt spew off a bunch of meaningless reports, it puts retail business owners together with a certified Management One Retail Consultant every month, leading to strategic action plans which profitably grow the business.

Gordon Peters of Focus Retail talks about how many clients of Focus Retail react to the Winning@Retail program:

Some clients may be a little sceptical at the beginning, but within a short time they recognize that were enabling them to work on their business instead of working in their business. With our perspective, they get to look at their business from an aerial view as opposed to just being in the thick of it. Very quickly we get to that point with a client where they have that ah-ha moment, then they start to really understand how managing their purchases and flowing their inventory properly impacts on the their profitable growth. Thats a really rewarding experience.

Focus Retail Founded to Exclusively Deliver Winning@Retail Program

Since Winning@Retail is such a hands-on program, CRS wanted to partner with Focus Retail to deliver the Winning@Retail program to customers in Ontario and some of Eastern Canada. Managing Partners Gordon Peters and Jeff Jankelow bring a combined experience of over 50 years in the retail industry internationally and in Canada, giving Focus Retail a unique global perspective required when dealing with supply chain and inventory management.

When Peters and Jankelow discovered the benefits of the Winning@Retail program, they decided to form a company, Focus Retail, to deliver the program. Partnering with CRS gives Focus Retail the ability to offer technical insight into software, hardware and point of sale (POS) systems that it didnt have before, and the partnership gives CRS a valuable ally in Eastern Canada to deliver Winning@Retail face-to-face to its customers. As Scott Smith, President of CRS puts it: CRS and Focus Retail will work together across the country helping each other with opportunities that we have.

Lower Mainland British Columbia To Get Better Winning@Retail Coverage

Kirsten Wilby-Hynds is a current CRS sales manager and will soon be certified to deliver the Management One Winning@Retail program directly to clients in the lower mainland of British Columbia. The large CRS client base in the area will welcome this coverage.

Canadian Retail Solutions isnt just about offering the best inventory management and POS solutions to the retail industry. The CRS mission is to help retail business owners succeed in todays competitive marketplace. Winning@Retail is one of the most robust retail consulting solutions available on the market, and can mean the difference between a loss and a profit to a retail business. CRS is pleased to be able to offer this solution on a more personal basis through Focus Retail and Kirsten Wilby-Hynds.

Canadian Retail Soultions

Canadian Retail Solutions has been providing point-of-sale systems and inventory control software to Canadian business owners since 1991. Unwavering dedication to quality, integrity, and personalized client service has helped it steadily increase its client base of small to mid-sized Canadian retailers operating in single or multi-store environments.

Focus Retail

Focus Retail was formed over a year ago by Jeff Jankelow and Gordon Peters, who have over 50 years of combined experience in the retail and wholesale sectors. The company delivers Management One solutions to clients in the retail industry, and primarily serves Ontario and Eastern Canada.