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Canadian Web Hosting and Green Data Center Release Joyent SmartDataCenter to Clients in Canada

Canadian Web Hosting and Green Data Center Release Joyent SmartDataCenter to Clients in Canada

 Toronto, Ontario (PR) January 04, 2012

Canadian Web Hosting, a leading provider of web hosting and infrastructure services in Canada, today announced a new partnership with Green Data Centre Inc and the successful rollout of Joyent SmartDataCenter for their Software as a Service (SaaS) clients in Canada. With this platform, Canadian customers and service providers will have a more flexible range of cloud offerings that result in better performance and proven business results.

Canadian Web Hosting and Green Data Centre Inc. have successfully reduced the time it takes to bring a Joyent enterprise-ready cloud service to clients, and reduced deployment costs by more than 50%. Working directly with Joyent and Green Data Centre Inc, Canadian Web Hosting deployed SmartDataCenter in combination with their CICA 5970 and SAS70 Type II certifications to ensure that Canadian clients were able to meet their strict corporate governance and privacy requirements.

Through this partnership, Canadian Web Hosting has been able to expand its portfolio of cloud infrastructure and hosting solutions, which now includes cloud service offerings that utilize Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and Joyent’s SmartDataCenter. “Cloud computing can be a simple web-based application available to customers online, or an array of high powered servers capable of processing thousands of transactions for customers worldwide. The only constant for our customers is the cloud itself.

In reviewing the broad types of cloud infrastructures required by our customers, and their primary business functions, SmartDataCenter represents a perfect combination of flexibility and performance,” said Matt McKinney, Managing Director at Canadian Web Hosting.

“With the SmartDataCenter platform, we are able to control access to our pool of resources and better manage timing, throughput and latency giving that helps us deliver an elevated quality of service because of the amount of control we can give our customers. Working with Canadian Web Hosting, we are able to deploy faster and more robust clouds when compared to other cloud products on the market. Our customers now have a competitive advantage,” said Emerich Winkler, CEO of Green Data Centre Inc.