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Christie St. driveway barricaded since Saturday by a mountain of snow: The Fixer

Toronto News

Of all the complaints about snow pushed by plows into driveways, nobody has a bigger beef than the residents of 532 Christie St.

Since Saturday, their driveway has been barricaded by a mountain of snow, heaped in front of it by a sidewalk plow that cleared the southwest corner of Christie and Tyrrel Ave., north of Davenport Rd.

We’ve been blitzed by complaints about snow that was plowed into driveway entrances during the cleanup of last Friday’s storm, which dumped 30 centimetres on the GTA, the most since 2008.

But none is as breathtaking as the Christie St. snow pile, which is nearly two metres high and has us wondering what the plow jockey who did it was thinking.

Grace Ollerhead alerted us via SeeClickFix of a “photo op” in front of the driveway of her neighbour’s home, on the west side of Christie, saying, “it is clearly a mistake. Hilarious!”

We found a huge pile of hard-crusted snow across the driveway, with a hand-lettered sign stuck on top of it that said: “City Bobcat guys! Please be kind enough to remove the mountain of snow from the foot of the driveway.”

It was a far more polite request than most people would make if they found a similar pile of snow at the end of their driveway.

A teenager who came to the door at 532 Christie said his father called 311 on the weekend, right after the snow pile appeared, and was told that the city would clear it when they had time to get to it.

Since then, the teenager said, his dad has been parking the family vehicle on the street, jostling for space with snow banks that extend from the curb into the roadway.

It wasn’t the only spot on Christie where snow clearing has made things worse. A residential garage right across the street still has a metre-high snowbank in front of it.

STATUS: Hector Moreno, a city road operations manager who’s been the point person on the cleanup, is looking into it and said it’ll be removed ASAP.

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