City lays charges for illegal dumping, fouling street

City lays charges for illegal dumping, fouling street

Just when it seems like developers and illegal garbage dumpers can get away with flouting the law, the city steps up to lay charges against them.

Our recent columns about persistent illegal dumping on Torbarrie Rd. and mud tracked onto the street from two condo construction sites on Tippett Rd. definitely caught the attention of municipal bylaw enforcement officers.

We reported last month on illegally dumped trash adjacent to Highway 400 on Torbarrie, which had been going on since last fall. Every time it was cleaned up, the dumping would resume.

It was cleaned up after our Jan. 18 column, but within a week more garbage began piling up on the boulevard. It looked a lot like the mess that had just been removed, which raised our suspicions that the same guy was doing it.

As for the mud on Tippett, where trucks deposited an inch-thick layer of soupy mud on the street and tracked it east on Wilson Ave. all the way over to Bathurst St., it amounted to a flagrant disregard for a bylaw that prohibits fouling of the road allowance.

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The city’s right-of-way management department usually sends and inspector to remind the builder about the bylaw. It’s typically handled in a friendly way, like mom asking a child to clean up their bedroom.

But there was no tolerance for excuses this time. Kam Ma, acting manager of right-of-way management in North York, emailed to say that charges of fouling the road allowance were laid earlier this week at two condo building sites, at 30 and 36 Tippett.

While a city inspector was talking to one of the site superintendents, Ma said two street sweepers used to wash down and clean up mud came trundling along, an indication that the builders realize the city isn’t fooling around.

He added that inspectors will be monitoring the sites to make sure there are no relapses.

We also got a note earlier this week saying that after the most recent garbage pile on Torbarrie was removed, “Municipal Licensing & Standards had officers patrol, investigate and inspect all bags that have been dumped at that location daily.

“This has resulted in six illegal dumping charges being laid, two Notice of Violations and multiple cleanups.

“The garbage you referenced has been cleaned up and the City continues to work with the developer on strategies to deter illegal dumping in the area. Weather permitting, a fence is scheduled to go up this week and there are also plans for signage in the area.”

We’ve sometimes been frustrated by the city’s willingness to cut developers slack and not make a serious effort to figure out who’s responsible for illegal dumping, but it gets full marks this time for showing it means business.

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