COVID COUPLING: Michigan health department offering mail out condoms during pandemic

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With plenty of time to kill while under quarantine, some sexy time is bound to happen.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services realizes this and wants its residents to practice hanky panky safely.

It’s now decided to send free condoms directly to mailboxes.

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According to news site MLive, the state health department created the distribution program to make sure residents have access to condoms while the COVID-19 pandemic – which has closed many health services temporarily – continues.

“We feel that it is extremely important during this public health crisis to continue to support our communities in protecting themselves against unintended pregnancy, STIs, and HIV,” said MDHHS spokesperson Lynn Sutfin in an interview with MLive.

Sutfin said financial stress combined with the temporary closures of health centres that normally hand out free rubbers means horny people don’t have access to them.

So how does a Michigander get their hand on the contraceptive? Just email the health department with a name and address and 10 condoms and 10 packets of lube will be sent in the mail.

And don’t worry, the birth control will be sent in plain, non-logoed packaging.

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Financial stress in many households coupled with the temporary closures of local health centres that normally distribute free condoms means many people don’t have access to them, she said.

Sutfin said the packages that benefit your package will “likely be hand addressed as staff are working from home and shipping these items out.”

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