Crown to cross-examine Kalen Schlatter at Tess Richey murder trial

Crown to cross-examine Kalen Schlatter at Tess Richey murder trial

After spending Monday morning explaining his version of events from the night Toronto woman Tess Richey died, accused killer Kalen Schlatter must now face what’s expected to be an entire day of questioning from the Crown.

Schlatter began his testimony Monday morning by telling the jury he didn’t kill or sexually assault Richey.

“Absolutely not,” Schlatter said, while answering questions from his lawyer, Lydia Riva.

For over five weeks, the jury has heard witness testimony about the 23-year-old Toronto man, who the Crown alleges sexually assaulted and then strangled Richey, before leaving her body at the bottom of an outdoor stairwell in the city’s gay village in 2017.

Schlatter has pleaded not guilty in connection with the 22-year-old’s death. 

CBC Toronto reporter Adam Carter is reporting live from inside the courtroom Tuesday morning:

Court has heard Schlatter’s semen was found on Richey’s pants and his saliva was on the inside of her bra.   

The jury has also previously seen security camera footage of Schlatter and Richey together in the early morning hours of Nov. 25, in the area where her body was eventually found. That includes video showing the pair walking up a driveway to the outdoor stairwell where her body was discovered, before Schlatter emerges alone about 45 minutes later, heading back the way they came.

Schlatter testified Monday that Richey was the one who asked him to follow her up the driveway at 582 Church St. He said they made out for a while, and eventually he “came in his pants.”

Schlatter said he later asked Richey if she wanted to come back to his family’s home, but she declined.

He testified Richey then pulled out her phone and told him he could leave, so he left her at the bottom of the stairs.

Schlatter said he felt bad for leaving her there. 

“I should have stayed with her,” he said.

CBC | Toronto News

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