Cut Non-essential Spending NOW

Ottawa’s budget deficit will explode this year.

It could be as high as $200 billion.

As I said before, I agree that we should support workers and businesses during the coronavirus crisis.

The People's Party of Canada

But it’s now more important than ever that we cut non-essential spending.

Politicians decide which private business is non-essential and should be closed during the crisis.

But they never want to eliminate non-essential government programs. They prefer to just spend, spend, spend.

We cannot afford this anymore.

We’re in a fiscal crisis. And Ottawa too must decide what is essential and what is not.

When Parliament resumes, one of the government’s priorities should be to start cutting spending. Now.

It should abolish all foreign development aid and all corporate welfare.

Defund the CBC.

Reform and reduce equalization payments to provinces.

It should stop using its spending power to intrude in provincial jurisdictions.

And focus on the essential services that Ottawa should provide.

Civil servants have very advantageous salaries and working conditions, job security, and subsidized pensions. There are savings to be made there too.

ALL government spending should be reviewed.

Or else, we will never get out of this fiscal black hole.

Maxime Bernier

People’s Party of Canada
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