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Dental Marketing Expert Shares His Strategies

  A Beginners Guide to Starting a Dental Private Practice in 2012

Toronto News, (PR) February 15, 2012

International marketing expert, Nitin Chhoda, has helped thousands of dentists launch their private practice, but the 2012 economy presents new challenges. Chhodas updated beginners guide to starting a private practice addresses those issues with a three-part strategy for success.

If youre just starting a new private practice, there are two key aspects that you need to focus on treating patients and handling the business side of the practice, said Chhoda. By maximizing profit right from the start, youll be able to attain your goals.

Define objectives 
Preparing a personal budget is essential and will assist new dentists in making decisions on every aspect of the practice, from its location and staff to the office software systems that will be used like dental newsletter. .Before opening a practice, new dentists need to define their ultimate goals for the practice and decide how theyre going to make those aspirations a reality.

Marketing is crucial 
An effective marketing plan is an essential part of any business, and its especially so for new practices. Chhoda suggests establishing a specialty, in addition to regular procedures, and publicizing it within the local community. Demonstrate how the services of the practice will add value to patients lives. Dentists can set themselves apart with specialties that include painless dentistry, quick appointments, cosmetic procedures, or services similar to those celebrities use.

Marketing is more important than ever in 2012, said Chhoda. New private practices may be operating with a limited budget in the current economy and its absolutely necessary to maximize the return on investment.

The cheering squad 
A successful practice is a group effort. Its essential that staff act as cheerleaders and not silent spectators in the firms success. Chhoda noted that staff members should be aware of how their actions affect the business and the value of the procedures that are offered. Staff members are an important marketing resource and every effort should be made to maintain their professional training, skills and abilities.

Chhodas updated strategies for beginners starting a new private practice in 2012 factor in the current economy, budgets and the goals of the dentist. He noted that new practices have every chance of succeeding, provided they define their objectives, market well and have staff that advocate for the business. Clients are the key to the success of any business and with other systems in place, dentists are free to concentrate on developing a rapport with clients for enduring doctor-patient relationships.


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