Docs warn women against using electric toothbrush to masturbate

Docs warn women against using electric toothbrush to masturbate

File this one under warnings that shouldn’t need to be given.

Sorta like the one on takeaway coffee cups that says, “Caution, coffee is hot.”

According to the U.K. Sun, a British gynecologist is telling women they should not use electric toothbrushes to masturbate with despite the device being used to help one character in a popular TV show get herself off. A toothbrush was used to masturbate with in the Netflix show ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ reportedly starting a trend that could seriously damage a woman’s genitalia.

“This interesting new trend, as with many similar developments, can potentially be very harmful,” gynecologist Anne Henderson told the Sun. “I would have serious concerns about anyone using an electric toothbrush for anything other than cleaning their teeth. The structure and shape of the toothbrush, regardless of which part is used, could potentially injure, lacerate or cause trauma to the delicate vulval area, particularly the clitoris, especially if one of the more aggressive cleaning heads is used.

“The whole issue is fraught with potential complications and should be avoided at all costs.”

Experts suggest women should stick to using traditional sex toys instead of toothbrushes for masturbatory purposes.

This is the latest disturbing trend involving women putting foreign objects into the vagina.

Earlier this year, doctors warned women against putting cloves of garlic into their vagina to prevent yeast infections and Marie Claire, a women’s magazine, retracted an article that suggested using parsley in the vagina to encourage menstruation. In 2017, experts told women to stop using apple cider vinegar to “tighten” their vaginas.

“That is not something that is recommended by gynecologists. There are only a few things that should go in your vagina and vegetables generally aren’t one of them,” obstetrician Dr. Sheila Newman said, according to the Sun.

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