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Don’t recognize the person on your doorstep? Don’t open up

John Mahoney/Postmedia News

John Mahoney/Postmedia News

Use the peephole and don’t open up to someone you don’t recognize.

Condo-security expert Frank Fourchalk shares his tips weekly. “What harm would it do to open my door to a person in need? After all, I live on the 21st-floor of a high-rise.” These famous last words are spoken by many apartment owners who unlock their door without thinking.

Sometimes, innocent condo owners are enticed to open their door, only to be overpowered by an assailant. Never open your door to anybody you don’t know. Install a peephole or wireless doorbell/video intercom system for communicating to people on the other side of the door.

If the person in your hallway is in danger, call 911 and wait for the police, fire department or ambulance to arrive before opening your door. Don’t let your generous nature put your life, and your family’s, in danger.

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