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Draft overkill, Pop’s tip reaction and a trip of American Airlines horror

A few little things and a Travel Hell tale because I got a late start, I’m tired, a long day awaits and my brain isn’t entirely engaged.

Having spent more than a few days down here south of the border over the past little while, I can tell you this:

The over-saturated coverage of the NFL draft has no parallel ever, in any sport, at any time, under any circumstances.

It was crushing and sad, very sad news, that ESPN laid off a ton of very good people yesterday – and some people I know well and greatly respect as women, men and journalist – but, my goodness, they have an army of talking heads who’ve been breaking down every aspect of this draft for about as long as I can remember.

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It is overkill of the first order and, man, is it tiring.

And a few responses to yesterday’s note about Pop and big tip that no one should ever known about, I say:

Joe U makes an interesting point

Hi Doug, your take on making a private gesture public is pretty interesting. The way that people use easily accessible tech today, privacy can be elusive. Maybe as time goes on, people will become more self-filtering about what they publish. I hope that in the way that (prevention of) bullying and peer pressure has recently become a focus of social behaviour, maybe society at large will come to consider the consequences of randomly publicizing private things, and publishing without context.

From J.A.

RE  Pop’s tip. I completely agree with you. Clearly a private interaction that should never have been made public.

From Andrew

Hi Doug,

I’m with you on the Popovich tip item.  Better to keep it private.  Here’s my question:  590 has a regular one hour baseball central program and of course a regular one hour hockey central program.  What kind of uptick in basketball fandom would need to occur for them to justify having a regular one hour basketball central program?  If you were a betting man would you wager that this might happen in the near future?  


Bob P chimes in

Good morning Doug ,

Thanks for the comments about the D league – the local team has been a big benefit to the Raptors. Now on to Pops – I am sure there is a lot more to the story then has been said to date be it excellent service or the man helping a server who had issues not stated in the article. Showing the receipt was not necessary unless those involved had an ax to grind. I can not for the life of me a man as qualified as Pops simply writing that amount of tip for a very good reason —– his reason only.

And on the tweeer, Johnny C

Line was crossed…poor judgment exhibited…

I guess I mildly surprised that no one said it was a good thing to leak but more happy than surprised.

Told you the Blue Jays needed a rainout and after that exhausting amazing game the other night, I bet an off day was quite welcome.

And I would also suggest that barely anyone outside of his family and the diehard Blue Jays fans had any clue who Chris Coghlan was 48 hours ago and now he’s basically part of the team’s history with that zany dive over the catcher to score the run.

He’ll be on every highlight tape ever produced from here on out, held up as a prime of example of doing whatever it is you have to do to help your team.

He made fade into history as a player, that one moment will keep his name alive for a very, very long time.

And that, and the Stroman double as a pinch-hitter, go to show that you never know when crazy stuff is going to happen and maybe that’s why you pay attention to run-of-the-mill regular season games if you can.

Who knows when something memorable is going to pop up.

So, American Airlines got me yesterday and I have to put it in a timeout for travel unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Flight from Toronto to Chicago’s supposed to go at 6:15 East, loads of time to make the connection up here.

Well, 6:15 mysteriously turns to 6:45 on tote board, 6:45 turns to about 7:10 in reality, the connection’s missed and no one even bothers to offer a single word of explanation. Not a thing from pilot, flight few, women at the gate who had no clue about times and swore to me and others than were getting into Chicago about 8:45 instead of 7:45 or so.


Luckil, Gumby and The First Lady Of The Beat, on another airline, had a car, graciously waited for me and offered the backseat for the 90 minutes up.

But American? American sucks and since United’s off the list for over-booking and dragging the due off the plane and for being generally awful, looks like I better get my Delta points program in order.

No clue how tomorrow or the weekend will unfold but I do know there will be time to do mail so you’ve got to do your part.

Get on over to askdoug@thestar.ca and quiz me as well as you can.