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Driver’s remarks to stroller-wielding mom prompt complaint to TTC

Jodi Christie and son

DAVID COOPER/TORONTO STAR Scarborough mother Jodi Christie says she was humiliated by a TTC bus driver’s profane comments while trying to commute with her one-year-old son Atticus King.

Thursday was the second day of a new routine for Jodi Christie — her son, Atticus, 1, just started attending a Montessori school halfway between her Scarborough home and her downtown workplace.

At around 6:40 a.m., the 199 Finch Rocket pulled up to their bus stop. Christie says she asked the driver to lower the ramp so she could push the stroller onto the bus. The driver complied, and she thanked him while flashing her TTC pass.

As she went to take a seat on the bus, Christie, 32, alleges the driver told her she “should really get a smaller stroller that you can manage to lift onto the bus so that I don’t have to mess around with this stupid bull—- at 6:30 in the morning.”

Surprised, she replied, “Excuse me?” The driver, she said, reiterated his statement. “You need to get a smaller stroller so that you can lift it onto the bus by yourself.”

Christie said she held her tongue to avoid starting a potentially profanity-laced yelling match in front of her son.

When she tried once more to make her way toward a seat, the driver delivered the final blow.

“Where’s his dad? He should be helping you. If he even has a father,” she claims he called after her.

She was humiliated and she was angry. She filed an official complaint to the TTC when she reached work Thursday morning.

“I think my personal situation has nothing to do with me being able to ride the TTC freely,” Christie said.

Her fiancé is equally upset about the driver’s remarks, she said.

And her stroller is one of the smallest models on the market, bought specifically to make her trips on the TTC easier.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said there will be an investigation into Christie’s claims, and a penalty handed down out if deemed necessary.

“While these are allegations, the comments that are alleged to have been made are serious, and we take them seriously,” he said. Complainants are not told of the outcome of their grievance.

Christie said she’d like an apology, but mostly wants TTC drivers to know it’s no cakewalk for parents trying to get around with their babies in tow.

“It’s a whole world of B.S. just trying to push a stroller through snow, in the cold, with a baby … He’s really just sitting there, pushing a button, so it seems very insensitive for him to feel inconvenienced by me,” she said. – News