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EIN is Now a Requirement for IRS Form 2290, Etax2290 has the Information

Toronto news, (PR) May 07, 2012

When Filing a Form 2290 to pay the Truck Tax in previous years, filers could do so using a social security number. This was an acceptable identification number because the IRS was still working on issuing EIN’s to all Sole Proprietorships. With that be said the use of Social Security Numbers in the Filing of Form 2290 is no longer acceptable. Per the IRS website all 2290’s must be filed using an EIN number.

Now for those who dont have an EIN number there is a number that can be called to verify a business name and EIN as it is in the IRS database. If filers are unsure of either the Business name or the EIN simply call this number and go through the IRS prompts to verify the information. The number to call is:

United States: 866-699-4096 (toll free)
Canada or Mexico: 859-669-5733 (not toll free)

There are some filers who have not been issued an EIN number and this may include filers who have recently initialized a business. For those filers who dont have an EIN or call to verify and are informed that the IRS has not yet issued an EIN to them there is a way to request an EIN be issued. There are two options. Filers may:

1. Request an EIN by phone by calling 1-800-829-4933

2. Apply online by visiting, and click on the Employer ID Numbers (EINs) link

To file Form 2290 today and pay the Truck Tax visit!

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