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Elite Security Services Announce Enhancement of their Home Security Systems in Canada with Introduction of Smoke Detection Equipment

Toronto News, (PR) February 16, 2012

The users of home security systems packages from Elite Security Services in Canada will now have the privilege of receiving a useful smoke detection device. The device has just been launched in the country and is being offered now as a part of all the packages installed by them. Elite Security Services is one of the latest entrants in the security market, in Canada. They have expanded to almost all parts of Canada within a few months. The company is already a major force in the American home protection industry and is noted for their low cost security solutions. The customers of the company have expressed their satisfaction about the launch.

All advanced home security systems companies provide a motion detector in their package. Smoke detectors are capable of detecting the source of smoke using ionization and photoelectric mechanism. These devices are indispensable parts of a security package because they act as an alarm for fire. With the recent technological advancements in the field, smoke detectors are now even more efficient. The company owner, Mr. Paul Shakuri, introduced this equipment to Canada saying, This is an advanced smoke detection device that can detect heat changes even if there is a source of fire within the walls. We are pleased to offer this device to all our customers in Canada. Mr. Shakuri is a respected personality in the security industry in the United States.

The three home security systems packages from the company are equipped with all the latest features. They have specially designed packages for households that have no landline telephone connection. The company presently offers its basic package for a rental of only $ 35.99 per month. As a customer of the company, Elton from Toronto rates them very highly. He says, I am happy that I opted for Elite Security while installing my security package. They gave me one of the best deals of my life.