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Enduring Power of Love Portrayed in New Book

Calgary, Alberta (PR) February 13, 2012

Eighteenth century French writer, Stendhal, once said “A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love”. Set on the Canadian prairies of Saskatchewan in the early 1990s, Hope (published by iUniverse) by author W. D. Murray, writes a modern parable that interweaves themes from the Bible with coming-of-age romance.

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The overall theme of my novel is that hope, founded in love and faith, can help us transcend the inevitable suffering caused by the tragedies that we encounter in our lives, explains Murray. This titular theme is primarily illustrated through the central character, Hope Winter, adding a layered meaning to the title of the book.

A recent college graduate with a promising career looming before him, Simon Fischer steps off the bus in Promise, Saskatchewan, deciding to take some time to find out what he wants next in life.

As he begins his summer working as a hired farmhand, Simon has no idea his life is about to change forever. Content to leave his career goals on the back burner at least for the time being Simon unexpectedly falls for Hope Winter, a young woman from a neighboring farm who is mature beyond her years.

An Excerpt from the book:

“His heart floated on a cloud of sudden joy, and his head filled with the pleasant thoughts borne of the unexpected meeting with Hope. While he worked, he whispered her name over and over again in the noisy solitude of the tractor cab, each time prompting an unreserved smile as he created a picture of Hope in his minds eye.”

As the young couple embark on a journey to fulfill the promise of their shared love, unforeseen events are about to affect their lives in a devastating way.

Both suffering and our own unfortunate human flaws can be transcended through hope founded on the redeeming power of love.


About the Author

W. D. Murray was raised in a small town on the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada. After graduating from college he remained in Saskatchewan for a number of years until relocating to Alberta. He now resides with his family in Calgary. A respected professional writer as well as a classically-trained musician, Murray is an avid reader with a life-long love of literature. Hope is his first novel.

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