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Environment Canada issues winter storm warning for Toronto

Environment Canada has upgraded its winter storm watch to a snowfall warning as a heavy blanket of snow is set to cover much of Southern Ontario, including Toronto.

The city can expect up to 25 centimetres of snow between Thursday night and Friday.

A low pressure system will trickle into Southern Ontario from Michigan and Lake Huron this afternoon. It will intensify in the evening.

But the heaviest snowfall will occur during the Friday morning rush hour along the highway 401 corridor from London to the GTA.

“It might be the biggest storm since 2011,” said severe weather meteorologist Rob Khun, of Environment Canada, who is predicting up to 14 centimetres of snow between Thursday and Friday morning and another possible 5 cm during that day.

“Friday morning rush hour has a good potential to be a mess,” said Khun. “Snow could be heavy, with low visibility, and some blowing and drifting.”

According to the Environment Canada storm warning, many of latest computer models suggest a more intense version of this winter storm is possible.

“We’re due for it,” said Khun. “This is winter, this is Canada, and every once in a while something comes up. For those people who like heavy snow, they’ll be happy.”