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Evil airlines, no government money for a soccer park and Happy Home Opener Day!

Okay, so I won’t drink Yeungling any more because the owners/CEO/president/whatever backed Trump and now I don’t think I can never fly United again because (a) United sucks anyway and has for a very long time and (b) this crap yesterday about calling the cops to drag the guy off an “oversold” plane.

I’m running out of choices, it would seem.

I’ve never had the misfortune of being bumped from a flight after making a reservation and getting a boarding pass but I’ve also never figured out how that could happen.

I don’t care what the airlines say about projections and double bookings and people who have tickets who don’t show up. You have inventory and a finite number of seats and once they’re gone, how in good conscious could you sell more?

I know someone with a sense of business can probably explain it and it’s not just United that does it, that’s for sure.

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But this one was amazing because they actually let the guy get on the plane when they knew full well they had more passengers than seats. How that happened, how it didn’t get resolved before the boarding process was finished astonishes me and, for that, United should be ashamed of itself.

And it’s why it’s going to be hard for me to ever fly them again. American has the oldest planes in the world it seems, Southwest’s seat allocation bugs me so I’m guessing I’ll be doing a lot of Delta. Better make sure I got my SkyMiles number in the on-line booking profile.

(An aside: I’ve been in oversold situations with every airline imaginable and always thought I would volunteer if they offered cold, hard cash instead of travel vouchers because if they’re going to act like that, they need to pay with real money, not cheques or the chance to be bumped again.)

Anyone going to the show tonight? Let me know if they bring the banner out of storage, would you?

Scoreboard watching update:

By my math (I know, my math sucks but I’m pretty sure on this) you can take Chicago and Miami out of the mix as first round opponents for the Raptors, leaving Atlanta, Indy and Milwaukee as possibilities.

The Hawks can do me a huge solid by winning tonight because I think that’ll mean we know it’s Milwaukee in the first round, just as I have long expected.

Won’t mean anything schedule-wise – that’s still not going to come until late Wednesday night — but it will at least allow us to start working on matchup boxes and doing some reporting for preview stories and that’s a big break on a week like this.

So because we are allowed to cheer for our stories, I wouldn’t mind a Hawks win this evening.

Oh boy.

Indians home opener this afternoon at 4 and that means crazy crowds around the ballpark/arena/Flannery’s area so wish me luck finding a stool to sit on while I work.

Our guy Dave makes some very interesting and valid points about this USA-Canada-Mexico World Cup bid in his piece today and I totally agree winning the bid would seem to be a deadbolt lock.

But the troubling point is that I can also see how various levels of government might be hoodwinked into chipping in on some stadium somewhere – somewhere being Toronto, undoubtedly – and that would be a big mistake.

I am even more fervent now that governments should stay out of the stadia business because there are far more pressing needs in our daily lives that need to be served for the greater good.

Sadly, I can see it happening, though, because this is not a “team” looking for a new home or any enterprise with an owner to foot the bill. And that’ll leave governments to help out and they shouldn’t. But I bet they will.

All right, Home Opener!

Regardless of the struggles on the road to begin the season, there does remain something special about the Blue Jays being back in the uncomfortable confines of the concrete mausoleum (when the roof’s closed that is) to play the Milwaukees tonight.

There’s always a sense of optimism to the game, fans who’ve been clamouring for real, live baseball get their fix. I think the players truly appreciate being back in front of the usual large crowd.

It’s a weird year in that the general population is likely pre-occupied with the coming hoops and pucks playoffs and while some might think that takes a bit of the excitement away from the moment, I don’t think it’s true for any of the hundreds of thousands of diehard Blue Jay fans who couldn’t care less about Thursday night or the weekend today.

This should be baseball’s day in town because it only comes once a year.

But, when I rule the world – and that moment cannot come soon enough – every home opener in baseball will be a day game.

Am I right?