Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media launches retirement savings fund to help support its programming

TORONTO—Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media has teamed up with a wealth management firm to launch a retirement saving fund geared toward Canadians who want to invest in the highly controversial and conservative online news site.

The Wells Plus 6ix Rebel Freedom Fund is run by Alberta-based Wells Asset Management.

The firm says the RRSP eligible income fund is directed at investors who “desire modest, regular, steady income,” and is advertised as having a four per cent target rate of return.

It also says the fund is suitable for investors who want to help Rebel Media expand by funding Rebel projects such as film and television-style programming, online apps, and even real estate-related projects such as studios.

Levant came under heavy criticism last year after the Rebel Media founder admitted the site’s content and management need more oversight in the wake of a string of controversies.

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