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GBG Launches One Day Diet Revolution

Toronto News, (PR) March 19, 2012

GBG, a leading health and wellness network marketing company, is launching a unique approach to losing weight called the GBG One Day Diet. The GBG One Day Diet brings the daunting task of losing weight to more manageable 24-hour increments with on and off days. During the on days, nutrition is delivered through protein shakes, health bars and vitamin supplements and on the off days, diet plan participants can eat whatever they want along with the provided vitamin supplements.

Two-thirds of Americans are overweight and most people wanting to lose weight try a diet plan that cannot be sustained and restricts the nutrition our bodies need, said Stuart Finger, GBG founder and CEO. The GBG One Day Diet provides the proper nutrients in a format that is sustainable for life because every other day you can eat whatever you want. And anyone can make it through a diet for just one day.

During the on days, One Day Dieters receive nearly 72 grams of quality protein. According to Dr. Earl Mindell, pharmacist, nutritionist, worldwide best-selling author of the Vitamin Bible and GBG scientific advisory board member, the amount of quality protein in a diet is the single most important factor that influences the metabolic rate, favorably influencing weight loss. Dr. Mindell says, by following the GBG One Day Diet system, metabolism levels will increase allowing more calories to be burned and more weight to be lost.*

The GBG One Day Diet package includes 45 servings of protein shakes, 45 health bars, Willpower in a Bottle (weight management aid) and 10-IN-ONE Vitamin and Mineral SUPER formula. The 10-IN-ONE Vitamin and Mineral SUPER formula is GBGs hallmark supplement offering ten unique formula combinations to improve overall health and wellbeing, including benefits to cardiovascular health, anti-stress, immune enhancement and digestive aid*.

The GBG One Day Diet plan has been tested with a group of more than 100 individuals over eight weeks. Test group participants have reported losing more than 700 pounds combined, without feeling deprived from their favorite foods. Some participants also reported being less hungry during the on days and eating smaller portions of healthier food during the off days.

Weve designed this diet plan so people never feel deprived of their favorite foods and are therefore more likely to stick with it, said Finger. With the GBG One Day Diet, you only have to make it till tomorrow!

The GBG One Day Diet is available immediately in the U.S. and Canada with additional markets launching later this year. For more information about the GBG One Day Diet or GBGs business opportunity please contact customer service at customer support.