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Hotel Review Site Gives the Inside Scoop on Interesting Lodging Around the World

Toronto News, (PR)  June 28, 2012

When a popular travel site with more than a million monthly visitors got bought by an online coupon site this past March, it sent an e-mail out to all its writers that it would be shutting down its blogs at the end of the month. Their services would no longer be needed.

One of the lodging bloggers saw a door of opportunity open. He contacted his fellow writers, commissioned a site design, and launched It started posting new hotel reviews just as the writers’ former publication stopped.

Two months and 53 posts later, Hotel Scoop is off and running as a prime resource for detailed hotel and resort reviews written by well-traveled professionals. Without any proprietary booking engine or agency agreement, it can also cover the whole world and send visitors directly to any booking site where the hotel is listed and available.

“While we all love the power that user-generated review sites has put into the hands of guests, it’s hard for most travelers to know how the place they stayed in stacks up against other choices in a given region. For users of these sites, it’s also difficult to know if the person writing the review has traveled enough to know what he or she is talking about,” says editor Tim Leffel.

“Hotel-Scoop’s writers each have years of experience in evaluating hotels and resorts for dozens of print and online publications. They are frequently reviewing hotels in areas where they know the whole local lodging spectrum, not just where they spent one night on a business trip.”

Hotel-Scoop is not an industry trade site or a gossip site; it’s meant to be a growing resource of candid and detailed articles about interesting places to stay. Early reviews have covered hot hotels in perennial favorite destinations such as Hawaii and Orlando, but have also hit unusual spots such as Kosice (Slovakia), Zagreb (Croatia), and U.S. hotels where you can play croquet. With two writers based in Europe, one based in Canada, and U.S. writers who are traveling on assignments every month or two, Hotel-Scoop will bring a bit of the world to its readers every weekday, all year long, one bed at a time.


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