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Ice Hockey U18 World Championship, Day 4

Toronto News, (PR) April 23, 2013

The preliminary round of the IIHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championship is nearly finished, but Sochi 2014 will continue to test functions and services at the Olympic venues. Organizers are doing everything to ensure the comfort and safety for everyone as the tournaments participants underline that the test event is demonstrating that the Olympic host city is well-prepared and ready to stage a top-level sports events.

Shawn Bullock Team leader, Canada: “The dressing rooms are fantastic. Weve got several rooms available, storage, a coaches room, therapy room fully equipped. Everything is sparkling, brand new and really feels like very spacious for us.

“Incredible facilities within the Olympic park here create a buzz around here for sure.

“They want to take care and make sure that we have a safe environment here. I think theyve done a great job with the security.

“The volunteers have been fantastic, most of them are quite young and learning.”

Bill Hall Team leader, USA: “Security here has been very good, we have no issues with the hotel, absolutely no issues with the arena. The security, checkpoint its efficient.

“Dressing rooms are surely large enough, the size is more than accommodating. The staff have done a great job. I cant think of anything negative about the facilities and the dressing room.”

Boris Dlugach General manager, Russia: “Its rare where you can see such dressing rooms. They are very good, spacious and comfortable. They are just great, and I have not heard anyone say they are not comfortable everything is wonderful.”

“Security measures do not cause any inconvenience. Perhaps, at first it was unusual, but we immediately realized that this was really necessary.”

“There aren’t many words to be found about the volunteers, and it’s not necessary: they work very well.”

Arto Sihvonen Team leader, Finland: “Volunteers are friendly, helpful and they are many. We have anything, any issue they will help us for sure.

“The arena is amazing, we are very satisfied. We can feel the Olympic spirit here.

“Security measures are not bothering us. We understand that this is a test event for the Olympic Games, so its not annoying at all.”

Otakar Cerny Team manager, Czech Republic: “Dressing rooms are very-very good, we are very satisfied.”


Notes to the editor

The IIHF complex of venues is made up of the “Bolshoy” Ice Dome, the “Shayba” Arena, and the training arena. The venues are located in close proximity to one other, providing maximum convenience for athletes and guests of the Games.

The “Bolshoy” Ice Dome is a building with a domed roof. The design of the arena is based on the image of a frozen water drop. The dome roof is mainly silver in color.

The name of the Ice Dome highlights the characteristics of this sports venue. The “Bolshoy” (the Russian word for “big”) will be one of the biggest Olympic venues, hosting events in one of the most popular sports of the Winter Olympics. At the same time, the word “Bolshoy” is understandable and familiar to people from many different countries, evoking associations with Russia the Bolshoy Theatre, the traditions of the Russian school of ballet, figure skating, ice hockey and other achievements of the biggest country in the world.

The “Shayba” Arena is designed to look like a snowdrift. It would be impossible to imagine a game of ice hockey without a “shayba” or puck. The name precisely portrays the purpose of the venue. Also, for Russians, shouting “Shaybu!” is a universal and familiar way of showing support for hockey teams in different competitions. Therefore, this name highlights the character of the “Russian” Winter Games.