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Industry-Leader MonaVie Launches Revolutionary New Product Line and Distributor Training System

Toronto News, (PR) February 12, 2012

Health and wellness industry leader MonaVie is making history again as it launches the next generation of the company called MonaVie 2.0. The latest phase of the companys long-term strategy was announced at a meeting for more than 3,000 MonaVie distributors in Dallas, Texas on January 13-14.

Headlining the innovations announced in Dallas are a new product platform called MonaVie Nutritional Chemistry that provides personalized, targeted product options to address an individuals unique nutritional needs. A new, universal business training solution to guide distributor success called MVP (MonaVie Values People) was also launched and will be the centerpiece of MonaVies continued global expansion.

MonaVie Founder and CEO Dallin Larsen said the newly announced features of MonaVie 2.0 will provide a groundbreaking opportunity for millions of people around the world to improve their lives. We invite everyone to join with us, as we position ourselves to make history once again during 2012, he said.

MonaVie Nutritional Chemistry Providing Personalized Nutritional Support through MonaVie Elements

Todays consumers are looking for ways to personalize everything they buy, says MonaVie Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Cohen, and theres no more important area to offer customizable options than with products that provide optimal nutritional support. Thats the idea behind MonaVies revolutionary new product platform called MonaVie Nutritional Chemistry.

According to Cohen, MonaVie Nutritional Chemistry will make it easy for consumers to address their unique nutritional needs. Through its new proprietary online nutritional assessment tool, known as Health Match, MonaVie helps individuals identify specific needs in three easy steps and then delivers personalized product recommendations.

In tandem with the introduction of MonaVie Nutritional Chemistry comes the launch of MonaVie Elements, a product line that facilitates customized nutrition. Elements come in deliciously powerful powders which are delivered in convenient, easy-to-use packets that are formulated to provide essential health benefits supporting a multitude of age/gender specific needs. Elements may be added to 8 oz. of water or 2 oz. to one of MonaVies health juices or to a serving of a MonaVie RVL? shake.

These new Elements are produced using the latest technology and scientific research that boosts the bioavailability of each products vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Cohen says that this is called the MonaVie BioEssence promise.

MonaVie is introducing the following five Elements with the launch of Nutritional Chemistry, and plans to launch additional Elements in the near future.
-Mens Vitamins & Minerals
Featuring 24 essential vitamins and minerals (all at efficacious levels), MonaVie MN is a total body health Element that increases performance and vitality. MN ingredients, including Vitamin E and selenium, have been shown to support prostate health. Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin E, ingredients in MN, have also been shown to support heart health.

-Womens Vitamins & Minerals
Designed especially for women, MonaVie WM is a health-promoting Element featuring 25 essential vitamins and minerals (all at efficacious levels), including Iron, that protects and nourishes cells.

-Childrens Vitamins & Minerals
Since nutrients are the building blocks of a childs health, MonaVie provides 18 essential vitamins and minerals (all at efficacious levels), creating a solid foundation to build on. Designed especially to meet the growing needs of kids, this deliciously fun formula provides the essential nutrients needed to strengthen the immune system, develop healthy bones and teeth, and correct nutritional deficiencies.

-Brain Health
This delicious nutritional Element called MonaVie BRsupports brain health by promoting focus and alertness. Featuring L-theanine and natural caffeine to support cognitive performance and B vitamins to maintain healthy brain function, MonaVie BR is a powerful supplement that supports optimal brain function.

-Glucose Support
MonaVie GL is a unique nutritional Element that promotes glucose metabolism to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. A delicious and efficacious supplement, MonaVie GL features banaba leaf and green coffee bean extracts, as well as chromium. Known for their ability to promote healthy glucose levels, these powerful ingredients help the body naturally accept and convert glucose more efficiently.

All of these new Elements will be delivered in an attractive, self-dispensing box, providing easy access to an individuals daily nutritional needs. Initially, these MonaVie Elements will be available in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. They will roll out to other international markets throughout 2012.

The new powdered Elements are competitively priced and retails as follows: the Mens, Womens and Childrens Vitamin & Mineral Elements retail for $ 59 UD for a box of 28 packets or $ 119 USD for two boxes of 56 packets. MonaVie Autoship distributors are eligible to purchase at a wholesale price of $ 56 USD for one box of 28 packets or $ 112 USD for two boxes with 56 packets.

The Brain Health and Glucose Support Elements retail for $ 29 USD for a box of 14 packets or $ 65 USD for two boxes with 28 packets. MonaVie Autoship distributors are eligible to purchase at a wholesale price of $ 29 USD for one box of 14 packets or $ 65 USD for two boxes with 28 packets.


Another important part of the MonaVie 2.0 launch is the introduction of MonaVie MX. A new blend of MonaVies flagship health juice products, this 3-in-1 juice cocktail combines the health benefits of MonaVie Essential?, MonaVie Active? and MonaVie (M)mn? into one powerful, mouthwatering formula. Bursting with fruit flavonoids, this health and wellness drink offers a broader array of antioxidants than ever before with 19 fruits and 11 vegetables.

Formulated with MonaVie BioEssence for greater bioavailability and A?aVie, the purest, most potent form of a?ai available, this new juice blend also features glucosamine to increase joint mobility and flexibility, and Wellmune?, which has been clinically shown to strengthen the bodys immune defenses.

Cohen recommends that consumers use MX as a powerful daily nutritional to which MonaVie Elements are added to strengthen and customize the specific nutritional support each individual may need.

MX retails for $ 44 USD for one bottle, $ 79 USD for two bottles or $ 149 USD for a case of four. MonaVie Autoship distributors are eligible to purchase a monthly supply at a wholesale price of $ 39 USD for a bottle, $ 75 USD for 2 bottles or $ 149 USD for a case of four.


Another integral part of MonaVies transformation into MonaVie 2.0 is the launch of a new, universal training and education system to guide distributor success, known as MVP (MonaVie Values People).

Because MonaVie truly values people and wants to see them live up to their potential, it is committed to making sure that all of its distributors are trained and educated to maximize their chances for success. The beauty of MVP, says Cohen, is that it is a universal, all-in-one system created for distributors and designed by the most successful distributors in the direct sales industry today.

The program features a series of instructional brochures, booklet, CDs and DVDs that provide step-by-step directions on how to start a successful MonaVie business. In addition to the instructional materials, which will be available in both hard copy and online versions, MVP offers access to programs and other tools …