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International Marketing Expert, Nitin Chhoda, Announces Free Download of Video and eBook for Patient Stimulation

Toronto News, (PR) April 13, 2012

Providing patients with information they need on practice websites are ideal catalysts that can convince patients to make an appointment with a specific therapist. International marketing specialist, Nitin Chhoda, has announced that hes offering physical therapists a free book, How to Beat Arthritis, and a video that they can use on their website to promote their business.

Its an eBook on arthritis that you can use any way that you like, said Chhoda. Of all the materials Ive released, this is the most helpful, especially when its combined with the Referral Ignition system. Providing clients with patient stimulators in the form of books, CDs, DVDs and online videos is often the determining factor on the physical therapist they choose to see.

The eBook can be downloaded at this physical therapy website. Practice owners have complete rights to reuse and rebrand it in any way they choose to promote their business. Those who download the eBook can insert their own testimonials, quotes and services for a completely customized solution for patient generation.

Chhoda noted that patient stimulators provide an exceptional opportunity for practice owners to reach out to the potential clients in their community. The physical therapy marketing methods of information can take many forms, and he said to craft an effective patient stimulator, practice owners should determine four criteria:
Know what type of resource will help patients;
Create a book, report, CD or DVD that will help them immediately;
Make an offer thats a no-brainer with the patients best interest in mind;
Give the patient a legitimate reason to request the resource right away.

With the right patient stimulator and the right offer, you become a trusted authority on rehabilitation, as opposed to a pushy, uninvited referral seeker, said Chhoda. The practice of the future will have at least 10 patient stimulators distributed to the community through different modes of contact, including print, Internet, mail and phone, on a regular basis.

Chhodas free video and eBook, How to Beat Arthritis, provides owners of physical therapy businesses with an easy way to begin utilizing patient stimulators to increase their client numbers. The eBook can be customized to reflect the user’s individual practice or specific patient demographics. Providing patients with information they can use immediately helps to establish practice owners as a leading authority in their field, which ultimately leads to more patients and referrals.

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