It’s weekend mailbag time

It’s weekend mailbag time

James A., Victoria

A: As far as I know right now, the women’s world championship will only be available on the streaming site DAZN, which struck a deal with FIBA when neither of the two Canadian networks felt it was worth their time pursuing.

One bonus? The great Canadian veteran Shona Thorburn does some broadcast work with FIBA and we may get to hear her. She’s good.

San Francisco? Tomasso’s. Up by the Tenderloin District, outstanding Italian food in a very cool atmosphere. PJ Carlesimo turned us on to it and it’s a must-visit every time we get out that way.

Just a quick question, how is the recovery going?


A: In a stunning development, I spent a quiet night on the couch with a bit of the TFC game, some other white noise shows and not a second of American college football. If there was a way I could block out every mention of it every Saturday, I would.

Q: Good day Doug,

After an evening of enjoying the Danforth, a bit different from my concession road, I realize I need more sense of fashion and general life direction. You answered so thoroughly last time that I realize here is our guru to all things in life.

Hats- Once upon a time you had to wear one, ever see a picture of an old hockey or baseball game with the spectators well dressed , most wearing hats ? So today , what are your rules on hats — can you wear one indoors or at a restaurant , do you wear a hat you got autographed , and does anyone still doff their hat in presence of a lady. Should you ever wear a cowboy hat if you have never been on a horse? Finally what is your favourite hat ( mine is the floppy , dirty white hat that I will have on fishing this weekend)

Drink — If you are forced to have one adult beverage on a hot summer evening — and it cannot be any variety of beer/ale, what is your choice (mine is gin and tonic , with lime).

Food — recently I realized that I have missed an ever so logical food treat. Grilled peanut butter and jam is a treat that I must have with baby daughter before she heads back overseas. Would you be willing to try ( perhaps you have?) and what jam would you use , and how much butter would go on the outside to get the perfect browning. Of course you would have to use crunchy peanut butter.

Someday we will go back to basketball , till then we will concentrate on the important issues.

All the best

Bill W.

A: You can never wear a hat indoors, I don’t think you can ever wear one backwards and while I’m not an autograph fan, if I had a signed hat, it would be either under glass or on display and never on my head. Bucket hats, my man; good old fashioned bucket hats. Plus, cowboy hats outside of the rodeo stands are silly.

My late Mom was a lover of the odd Tanqueray and tonic – and the even ones, too – but my refreshing cooling beverage is probably vodka and tonic or vodka and iced tea. Try that one, the old T and V works well.

Sorry, my friend. I don’t do jam so I’m out on the peanut butter and jam discussion. And my taste runs to the smooth product, not crunchy.

Q: Hey Doug,

Your impromptu post about the passion Manu delivered to the game made me think. You may have inside info on this so I’ll have at it. How you described Scola saying for sure Manu will represent Argentina in the Brazil Olympics helped to show the unbridled passion both had for their country’s basketball team. Do you see our current crop of Canadian hoopsters showing that same nationalistic pride? If yes or no, why either way?

Mark D

A: No, I don’t. And it’s obvious from even the most recent past that I’m right in that assessment. I understand there may be individual reasons every now and then – injury, contractual status are legit concerns – but too few are consistently available and that’s too bad. Sure, you have guys who seldom say no and it’s getting better with each passing summer but, to this point, Canada is nowhere near Argentina in that regard.

Q: Hi Doug

Happy Labour Day! You’ve answered eccentric questions in the past, so in response to your plea for more mail……well here goes. There has been some chatter on the internet (clearly the most reliable source of information out there) that one of the reasons LeBron moved to L.A. was to be closer to the movie industry. I gather he has some investments in it, and there is talk of him being in Space Jam 2. Now athletes trying to become actors dates back to Johnny Weissmuller (tell the young ’uns to google him, and while they’re at it, get off my lawn!). Might even be before that. Some have been good (Mark Harmon) some have been….. um, well not Oscar worthy (did you see Shaq in Kazaam?).

But in this day and age, do you know of any Pro Basketball players who could make the transition to acting and make it work? Any Raptors? Outside of Kawhi who I must admit, did really well in the old San Antonio Spurs HEB commercials:

Hope that was eccentric enough for you!


A: I think Space Jam 2 is a go with LeBron and I can pretty much guarantee it won’t be as good as the first.

Not sure about going through the entire league to find budding thespians but I do know in Raptors history there’s been a few. Check out Alex English in Amazing Grace and Chuck and Muggsy Bogues in Eddie. Oh, Alex was in that, too.

We’ve seen what Rick Fox can do on the screen – if you can ever watch the TV series Oz, you should – and a lot of He Got Game with Ray Allen was shot in Toronto.

And those HEB commercials in San Antonio are the best locally-produced NBA bits going, every year.

Q: Hi Doug,

Great articles about Manu and Brooke. I follow basketball most of all but golf and baseball are second. I loved Manu and the Spurs even when I hated them when they were beating Steve Nash with help from the League suspending two of the Suns players and letting the Spurs get away with a dirty play essentially.

But Brooke! I followed Mike Weir from the early days of the Internet and I love the Golf Channel website because they have leaderboards for all the tours. So I have been following Brooke since she burst onto the scene. I have to say that she should be anointed as the new “Henderson”. Paul Henderson helped Canada beat Russia with 3 game winning goals but especially the last one which I watched with all my classmates in school. But Paul only helped us beat the Russians. The LPGA is the golf tour that is worldwide. It has become a world tour. In the final results of the tournament, there were only 3 Americans in the top 10, and only 5 in the top 15. So Brooke Henderson beat the world. So would it be possible to have Brooke’s name announced sorta like Cal Ripken’s name was announced but only partly recorded. So when Brooke is announced, the announcer will say “Brooke” and pause and then Foster Hewitt’s calling out “Henderson” after he scored would then be played. I think it would be awesome.

I am looking forward to Basketball season but meanwhile golf and Baseball does have my interest. How about the season that J. Martinez is having with the Red Sox. He’s gonna be way over 100 RBIs and 100 Runs while batting over .300. He might even get the triple crown.


Richard Ganton

A: Our sports interests converge although my golf fandom has fallen off outside of the majors lately.

Q: Hi Doug

I really appreciated the full throated defence of immigrants. Thank you.

Isn’t helping Super Son get to school relatively loafing by definition?

I was reading about a proposal to switch the end of game from a fixed time to (as I recall) first team to 10 points more than the leading team after 46 minutes. The idea was to kill off intentional fouls (it also kills ties). A simpler way to attack intentional fouls would be to make non shooting fouls in the bonus a team option between foul shots and side out of bounds.

With respect to intentional fouls at the end of games where do you stand on the spectrum between “best thing since sliced bread” and “burn them with the heat of a thousand suns”?

If you think they are worse than “meh”, what proposal that you have seen strikes you as the best (assuming at least one “good enough”)?


A: I know the summer extravaganza known as The Basketball Tournament uses an alternative method of timing/scoring late in close games (it’s the Elam Ending) but now that the NBA has changed the number of timeouts in the last two minutes, I think they’ve fixed their issues in that regard.

Q: Brooke

Great article Doug. I think you captured many thoughts of our country. She has inspired a whole new generation. Golf has been on the decline and women are about to get the numbers back! Just remember , we enjoy a great steak too!


Sue Uteck

A: I’ve wondered where golf as a recreational sport is going. I used to play a lot but the combination of cost and the pace of play that can turn a quick game into a six- or seven-hour marathon with travel turned me off a bit.

I hope it has a renaissance and I hope Brooke sparks one among young women.

Q: As I am of a similar vintage to you, I too felt sadness at the passing of Neil Simon. The Odd Couple was one of my favourite television shows growing up in the 1970s. The episodes featuring Howard Cosell in particular were classic.

Thanks for reminding me again.

All the best,

Marshall A

A: Great episode. Great show.

Doug Smith is a sports reporter based in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter: @smithraps


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