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Janna Olsen Spratt Shares her Inspiring Story from Childhood to Old Age

Toronto News, (PR) June 5, 2012

Compelling, motivational and insightful, A PATH THROUGH is a remarkable testimonial about inner strength. Written by author Janna Olsen Spratt, this book shares a profound story, filled with trials and tribulations. In this riveting must-read, Spratt recounts those episodes in her life where the tenacity of the unwavering human spirit grows within each gripping phase of her journey. A tale of courage and fortitude amidst the destructive and querulous tides inevitable in life, this inspiring page-turner will definitely etch an indelible mark within its readers subconscious.

In the pages of this book, readers will be taken to the capricious turn of events in Spratts life as she walked blindly into the unknown. Led only by her immense faith in God, she endured the heartaches and difficulties of growing up poor. Poignant and tear-jerking, this piece also traces the path of her early marriage, which resulted into an excruciating divorce, as well as her family life and how she found love the second time around. A story that recounts the beginnings and endings of some significant stages of her life, A PATH THROUGH marks the ubiquitous truth that in life the only thing that stays constant is change and that one should be equipped with trust, faith and surrender to the Lord.

A tribute to faithfulness to God, this work is a literary beacon of hope for all those who, just like Spratt, find themselves jumping into the darkness, not knowing where the road would lead them. Overall, A PATH THROUGH is a story of success and overcoming failures against all odds.

About the Author
Born in Saskatchewan, Janna Spratt is the daughter of a Norwegian father and Canadian mother. When she was almost 16, her family moved to British Columbia. She authored a collection of poetry titled Quiet Reflections, and a childrens book, Billy Goat and the Red Neckerchief. She is the mother of two grown children and three grown step children plus grandchildren and great grandchildren. She lives in Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada where she teaches Precept Bible Studies and is involved in the music of a local church.

Widowed for almost one year, she has found a new passion for life in writing. This third book is her story of determination and faith in God which thrives in spite of the challenges that come her way. The authors goal in life is to realize her God given purpose and to live it to the best of her ability.

A PATH THROUGH * by Janna Olsen Spratt
Publication Date: April 18, 2012
Trade Paperback; $ 15.99; 103 pages; 978-1-4691-9846-0
Trade Hardback; $ 24.99; 103 pages; 978-1-4691-9847-7
eBook; $ 3.99; 978-1-4691-9848-4