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Jay Ghosh Introduces Readers to the Science of Happiness

Toronto News, (PR) April 08, 2013

It has been known for a while, says author Jay Ghosh, through the work of science, that the physical existence and nature of all living things is being influenced and controlled by the process of evolution. In his new book, The Science of Happiness: When We Understand the Science of Happiness, We Can Make Our Mind More Efficient in Deriving Happiness in Life! (published by iUniverse), Ghosh explains a theory about the link between this process and the human mind, and how to maximize ones chances of living a happy life.

Ghosh believes that everyones happiness and miseries may be linked to the process of evolution in certain ways, and that it may be possible to increase or decrease ones chances of finding happiness.

After many years of thinking and logical analysis, I have found a unique theory about the science of happiness, he says. It is possible to find more happiness in our lives when we understand these simple logical clues and act accordingly.

An excerpt from the introduction to The Science of Happiness:

It probably happens to most of us at times of our lives, that a vague feeling of unhappinessa feeling of emptiness appears even when we are doing well in the practical world, and we cant find the reason for it! It can be frustrating, but it can also be a good sign! Because it may mean that a healthy mind is looking for more, and deeper happiness in life, but it doesnt know how to find it. And time is passing!


The Science of Happiness

By Jay Ghosh

Softcover | 5 x 8 in | 82 pages | ISBN 9781475974287

E-Book | 82 pages | ISBN 9781475974294

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Jay Ghosh was born in Kolkata, India. After earning his masters degree in electrical engineering from Jadavpur University in 1966, he came to Washington where he earned a masters degree in electronics in 1970. Though his occupation was in technology, his life-long passion has been in philosophy.