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Kris Humphries of the Brooklyn Nets gets whacked in the nose by ref in game against Raptors: Video

When it comes to watching Toronto Raptors games, you need to keep your eye on the court, even in between free throws if you don’t watch to miss the action.

For the second straight Raptors game, a referee made highlights across North America during a time when you’d think it’d be a good chance to run to the kitchen and grab a sandwich.

On Wednesday night, it was referee Courtney Kirkland who jumped in Kris Humphriesface as the Brooklyn Nets forward was about to take the second of two free throws.

Humphries didn’t wait for a late substitution to come in so the ref leaped in front of Humphries, stuck a hand in his face and even whacked “Hump” on the nose in his follow-through.

At least everybody on and off the court got a good laugh out of it.

Not as funny, at least not to the Raptors, was what happened in Toronto’s loss Monday against Portland. Amir Johnson caught the ball after a free throw and instead of handing the ball over to referee David Jones, he got into a wrestling match with Jones over it. Things got so heated the two had to be separated, Johnson then threw his mouthpiece at Jones and hit him in the back.

Johnson got a costly one-game suspension, hurting an already short-handed Raptors team that only dressed nine players in their 94-88 loss to the Nets. – Sports