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Lasik Eye Surgery Social Media Program from Maximize Social Media LLC

Lasik Eye Surgery Social Media Program Offered by Social Media Agency Maximize Social Media LLC


Toronto News, (PR) July 06, 2012

Social media agency Maximize Social Media LLC recently announced its Lasik and eye care marketing program, giving additional support to ophthalmology practices in need of social media marketing. The agency will provide full service management that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. The programs focus is to create demand for Lasik by targeting the demographics most likely to benefit from the procedure, while also provide a social platform for those wishing to share their successful results with friends.

Maximize Social Media is a leading provider of social media management services for clients in over 40 different verticals. With offices in Florida and Los Angeles, Maximize provides social media consulting and Facebook advertising management for clients in English speaking countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia. The company also features social media management outsourcing for busy social media mangers looking for additional assistance on a white label basis.

Social media allows eye care professionals to now communicate directly to those most likely to be interested in laser eye surgery. Prospective clients who are interested in corrective eye surgery can watch a live streaming video, send a question directly to a physician, and schedule a consultation all within the same platform. But more importantly, when the procedure is successful they can now share the results with their friends, providing ophthalmologists with a strong viral marketing campaign, said Chris McLaughlin, CEO of Maximize Social Media LLC.

Maximize also will fully integrate applications within Facebook that facilitate turning prospects into customers. One such application focuses on referrals providing incentives for patients that are successful to refer their friends and family for a consultation. Another application involves a chance to win a free treatment or a significant discount for one, providing qualified leads that can turn into customers.

Maximize Social Media provides full social media management services in over 40 different verticals. The agency will fully integrate all aspects of social media for physician practices that will find it more affordable to outsource the management rather than hire additional staff. Maximize provides both ad management, which will allow the physician group to target specific demographics, as well as daily engagement by a dedicated social media manager.


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