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Living Below One’s Means on Purpose and with a Purpose Is a Fresh Concept Addressed by Atlanta Georgia Based Author Beau Henderson in His New Book “The Rich Life”

Atlanta, GA (PR) April 01, 2012

In a world in which people have grown accustomed to living on credit, Henderson advises that one of the key principles to living the rich life is to live below ones means. Keeping Hendersons lessons in mind, anyone can become wealthy by having more income coming in than going out, whether a person is earning $ 150,000 a year or $ 20,000 a year.

Living below ones means is all about choices that keep the bigger picture in mind: Even though someone can go out to dinner, they dont. Even though they can afford a higher car payment, they invest that money differently. They put it to work for you so that ten years from now, they achieve the picture of their RichLife.”

To support a healthy financial future and keep things comfortable for ones self, a person must choose to stop spending before they have spent everything. Henderson enriches his message with anecdotes and sharp insight, helping his readers to keep their destination for their lives in mind, rather than taking the micro view of money.

Henderson offers his readers more than just solid financial advice, he offers them life advice on building all of their assets, including their families, health and sanity, making it the only book for true investment and success on the market. The unique combination of advice that Henderson provides makes The RichLife an absolute must-read for everyone.
As a financial advisor, Beau Henderson has helped over 3,000 clients to live a rich, fulfilled life, helping them to master both their relationship with money and to begin to live a healthy, wealthy, fulfilled life, on purpose. He is the CEO of RichLife Advisors, as well as a radio personality, author, and coach.

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