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Michael W. LeRoy Actively Supports the ALS Foundation

Michael W LeRoy, an accomplished Florida attorney and managing partner of the Fulmer LeRoy & Albee law firm, proudly supports the ALS Association. His hope is to educate others on the work the foundation does for those suffering from this life-threa

Michael W LeRoy is proud to support a number of charitable organizations and to demonstrate his concern and hope for the local community when and wherever he can. The managing partner and founder of Fulmer LeRoy & Albee, a Florida civil trial defense firm, LeRoy is active in nonprofits like the ALS Associatioin,  whose aim it is to raise awareness for and provide hope to present and future sufferers of the ever-challenging ALS condition.

As an ALS Association supporter, Michael W LeRoy understands the considerable success the organization has had, particularly recently, in raising awareness for the disease. Through such awareness and fundraising campaigns as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the foundation raised a significant amount of financial support and was able to greatly boost awareness of the condition, its effects and the people it afflicts throughout the country. Now in its eleventh year of existence, the ALS Association continues to be a leader in ALS awareness, and in providing physical, financial and emotional support to ALS sufferers when and wherever possible.

As Michael W LeRoy knows, the ALS Association takes the initiative when it comes to pushing ALS to the forefront of discussion, not only in the United States, but also around the world. According the association’s website, there are currently over 30,000 Americans currently forced to cope with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS, and another 5,000 are estimated to receive an ALS diagnosis each and every year. Relying itself on the support and generosity of contributors and volunteers, the association is without a doubt crucial to both enhanced public awareness of the disease, and to improving the quality of life for those battling with ALS on a daily basis.

Michael W LeRoy also makes donations to such organizations as Team Gleason, which shares the ALS Association’s goals of both generating awareness and improving funding for research into an ALS cure. Team Gleason, named for former NFL player Steve Gleason, continues to work towards the eventual eradication of the disease; to create a world free from such a difficult, debilitating and life-threatening condition.

LeRoy also supports such organizations as Habitat for Humanity, The Gleason Initiative and Make It Right Nola.

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