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Missing Links for Jan. 20

Taylor Swift

Jason Merritt/GETTY IMAGES That’s the real Taylor Swift, not the kid-sized version, at the Golden Globes. (And not the Samuel L. Jackson edition either.)

 • Samuel L. Jackson does Taylor Swift. Manages to keep the profanity to a minimum.

 • Which TV show has the most unrealistically large apartment?

 • Why Jodie Foster’s enigmatic Golden Globes speech was a brilliant bit of rhetoric.

 • And what’s this red carpet full of pint-sized celebrity look-alikes? We’re not sure either, but what the hey:

 • This might be the best (and dumbest, in a good way) Bad Lip Reading installment yet. Putting words in the mouths of NFL players:

 •  Haven’t you always wanted a Star Wars Death Star tea infuser?

Ariel Teplitsky – entertainment