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Mobile Websites as the Number One Priority for Websites Looking to Adapt to Changing Times

Toronto news,  (PR) August 5, 2012

There is little debate that the meteoric rise in usage of smart phones and mobile devices to access the Internet is telling of the future. Recent studies on consumer buying behavior have eCommerce based website owners taking notice.

Nielson released a study March 12th showing dramatic increases in consumer usage of smartphones to shop. Not only are they making purchases from their smart phones, they are making them through the retailers mobile website over smartphone apps. Consumers are going through every step of the shopping process from product research to purchase, and they’re doing it on mobile websites.

The implications for websites with eCommerce capabilities are clear. If a website is not optimized to accommodate the new trend in retail mobile shopping sales will be lost. Mobile Websites should ensure that what a user sees is the best possible representation of their brand. Also, buttons need to be larger. Page text needs to be larger with clear Calls to Action. Functions, especially estimate request forms and shopping carts, need to operate as easily as they do on the desktop version of the website. The easier a mobile website is to use the more comfortable consumers will be when making a purchase.

Ken Lapp, President of Standard Marketing, weighs in: We haven’t seen this clear a trend in a long time. We are advising that all of our clients make their website attractive and easy to use for people with any Internet connected mobile device.

Standard Marketing Ltd is a long established Internet marketing and website design firm in Vancouver, Canada. We’ve been creating success in Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago and across North America since 1999 and have a long string of clients who’ve been with us for many years. We’ve developed expertise in all aspects of Internet, website, and digital marketing. Some of our staff have been in marketing and advertising for over 30 years. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Please contact us now to increase the profitability of your Internet Marketing.

Businesses are encouraged to contact a professional Internet marketing company with experience in Mobile Website Optimization and Responsive Design as soon as possible. There are people trying to access your website with mobile devices every day.


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