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Moorefield plane crash: Four victims are teens, young adults

Three men and one woman were killed after a small airplane crashed into a field outside of Moorefield, northwest of Kitchener, on Friday evening.

Const. Keith Robb said the victims are believed to be young adults in their late teens and 20s. Two of the victims have yet to be officially identified.

Marine and air search rescue team RCC Trenton contacted the provincial police at 8:39 p.m. after an emergency signal on a single-engine Cessna airplane was activated. Trenton did not know the location of the plane, the OPP said.

It’s unclear how long the plane had been in the air before it crashed.

“We don’t believe weather was a factor,” said Robb. “It was a clear, sunny night.”

An emergency rescue team, including dogs, led a search in the area southwest of Moorefield. The plane was found in a cornfield at 6773 Sideroad 3. All the occupants were killed in the crash.

The victims’ bodies will be transported to a hospital in Hamilton later Saturday for autopsies.

The Transportation Safety Bureau has been notified, the OPP said.

With files from The Canadian Press – News