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Multiple GO trains delayed, some cancelled due to signal problems

GO Transit commuters are facing long delays and some cancellations after a computer failure at CN caused widespread signal problems across GO’s rail network this morning. 

As of 8 a.m. Metrolinx said service problems have been resolved on the Stouffville, Barrie and Richmond Hill lines, but the earlier problems are still causing residual delays along these routes. 

There are multiple cancellations on both the Lakeshore East and Lakeshore West routes. GO says some delays may be as long as an hour. 

Posted below is updated closure and cancellation information from GO Transit’s website. The information was last updated at 8:56 a.m.

GO Transit spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins told CBC News the signal difficulties were caused by a computer failure at CN, which owns and maintains many of the tracks, switches and signals used for GO routes. 

“I’m sure this was no way people wanted to start a beautiful Friday morning,” said Aikins in an interview on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning

She said it took about 45 minutes for CN to fix the original computer problem.

“By the time they got it switched over and rebooted …  it caused a great number of delays.”

The problems are worst on GO’s Lakeshore East and Lakeshore West line, where GO has a 30-minute service commitment. Any trains delayed longer than 30 minutes are automatically cancelled. 

?Aikins said the delays should not affect passengers travelling on GO to attend tonight’s Opening Ceremony of the Parapan Am Games. 

Below is the latest closure information from the service update page on GO’s website.

Lakeshore West

The Union Station 07:13 – Aldershot GO 08:21 train is cancelled. 
The Union Station 07:33 – Oakville GO 08:12 train is cancelled . 
The Oakville GO 07:50 – Union Station 08:25 train is cancelled. 
The Oakville GO 08:24 – Union Station 09:07 train is cancelled due to a computer failure affecting the signals. 
The Aldershot GO 08:31 – Union Station 09:41 train is cancelled due to a computer failure affecting the signals. The next scheduled train is the Aldershot GO 09:01 – Union Station 10:11 train. 
The Union Station 07:43 – Aldershot GO 08:51 train ran express from Union to Aldershot because of a medical emergency. The train arrived Aldershot as scheduled. 

Lakeshore East

  • The Pickering GO 07:23 – Union Station 08:08 train is 28 minutes late from Rouge Hill
  • The Oshawa GO 06:10 – Union Station 07:11 train arrived into Union 24 minutes late.
  • The Oshawa GO 06:27 – Union Station 07:30 train arrived 47 minutes late.
  • The Oshawa GO 06:47 – Union Station 07:38 train arrived 49 minute late.
  • The Oshawa GO 07:00 – Union Station 07:50 train is delayed 60 minutes.
  • The Union Station 06:41 – Oshawa GO 07:39 train arrived into Oshawa 34 minutes late.
  • The Union Station 07:40 – Pickering GO 08:15 train arrived into Pickering 19 minutes late.
  • The Oshawa GO 08:25 – Union Station 09:18 train departed Oshawa 15 minutes late.
  • The Pickering GO 08:25 – Union Station 09:10 train departed Pickering 24 minutes late.


  • The Lincolnville GO 07:16 – Union Station 08:32 train is delayed 13 minutes east of Union.
  • The Lincolnville GO 06:44 – Union Station 08:00 train arrived Union 30 minutes late.
  • The Lincolnville GO 07:42 – Union Station 08:58 train is delayed 15 minutes from Lincolnville.

Richmond Hill

The signal problem on your line has been resolved, but GO says passengers should expect some delays on this line through the morning.

  • The Richmond Hill GO 07:25 – Union Station 08:13 train arrived Union 31 minutes late.

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