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NBA all-star votes include some ridiculous selections

A few items of varying degrees of interest to wrap up yet another hard week as time marches on, okay?

They kind of tweaked the selection process for the starters for the NBA all-star game, going to a weighted system that involves fans, a select media panel and every player and, yeah, they got it mostly right.

Cannot be any surprise that DeMar DeRozan was named a starter in the East – if he keeps going like this I see all-NBA honours in his future post-season and that’s truly a big deal – and there’s only a couple of nits to pick.

Joel Embiid over Kristaps Porzingis could be a bit of a discussion point although both are worthy and while Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins are undoubtedly all-star talents, I’m not sure two guys from a seventh place team need to both make it at the expense of, say, LaMarcus Aldridge or Karl-Anthony Towns from teams that have been far more successful; winning matters to me.

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But those are minor points that I am sure coaches will correct when they get to select the reserves next week and it will be interesting how they dole out the seven other spots in each conference.

(Give me the weekend to think about how I would vote, would you?)

The biggest issue I have is with the players, some of whom made a mockery out of the voting process.

I know it doesn’t make that huge a difference but, seriously, if they aren’t going to treat the process with a level of legitimacy, why let them be involved at all?

What I mean is this:

There were votes cast by players for, among others, Tyler Cavanaugh, Briante Weber, Alex Poythress, Kyle O’Quinn and, yes, even our old friend Ed Davis, who somehow managed to get four all-star votes.

Alexis Ajinca got two votes, for goodness sakes, and he hasn’t played a single minute all season.

Ron Baker, some guy named Jack Cooley (without Googling, I defy anyone outside of his family to tell me who he even plays for) got votes.

Now, I’ve got nothing personal against any of those player and I’m sure they either voted for themselves as some joke or teammates got together to turn it a bit comical.

And, yes, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but if they’re not going to take it seriously, why let them do it at all?

You wonder who might have born this day and get on the computer for a minute and this pops up.

Okay, a conclusion reached:

I’d rather it be 30 C outside than minus-5 C any old time.

Used to be that I didn’t mind winter and hated summer because I’m not built for heat and humidity.

After the nonsense of the last little while and the bulky coats and gloves and hats? The hell with it, bring on summer.

Not an awful lot of mail there to get through which is good for me having some down time to rest and relax in Minneapolis and before heading to Atlanta on Sunday but, really, I’m gonna be awake anyway so why not be answering your queries.

It’s right here, askdoug@thestar.ca and I’m sure there are wide-ranging topics you’d like to know about.

Back to all-star for one second:

How many meetings and focus groups do you think it took for them to come up with Team LeBron and Team Stephen as the names?

Crazy lack of creativity, no?

They should have gone back to the olden days and gone with Phenoms vs. Sensations.

Or Tastes Great vs. Less Filling

Or Team So Fresh vs. Team So Clean.

So many options and they wussed out with the easiest one.

I’m guessing my dream of a Stanley Cup final between the Las Vegas Golden Knights-Toronto Maple Leafs is dying on the vine now that the locals are in some kind of post-Christmas swoon because much of what I read is doom and gloom and the sky is falling.

But aren’t they actually okay? Isn’t fifth in the East today (if I read the standings correctly) pretty good for a still-young team that hasn’t actually done much?

I get that impatience is one of the key tenets of fans these days and everyone’s quick to jump off and on the bandwagon basically weekly but, really.

I would actually love the pucks to have a good, long post-season run – it energizes the city and pretty much would mean some people would leave me alone – and I don’t think anyone can say today that it won’t happen.

My advice would be to chill a little bit, there’s still lots of pucks to get in deep, lots of Corsi to debate (I have absolutely no clue what Corsi is, by the way) and, yes, compete levels to achieve.

Maybe my dream lives!

Biggest challenge of the day is not coming up with a good early story and a solid notebook since I have to miss shootarounds to do some things.

The biggest challenge of the day is going to be seeing if I can pack for two games and five nights and get it all in one carry-on small suitcase so I don’t have to trust Delta to make my connection tomorrow or to make sure a checked bag gets where it’s supposed to go.

Wish me luck.