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New Book Covers Science, Spirituality and Extraterrestrial Life

Toronto News, (PR) March 26, 2012

In the new book Extraordinary Knowledge: Science, Psychology, Spirituality and Myths (published by iUniverse), author K. R. details his years of research in a variety of scientific disciplines. The book covers topics such as psychology, science, spirituality, myths and unexplained phenomena, says K. R. It also covers topics such as spiritual awakening and transformation of planet Earth in 2012. It is filled with extraordinary knowledge.

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K. R. also explains planetary shifts and hypothesizes on Earths future.

In Extraordinary Knowledge he writes:

Our planet Earth is scheduled to transition to 4th Density and go through a Photon Belt sometime within this year (2012). Going into 2012, fear and anxiety among about what is going to happen increases. The book covers cataclysms that can be avoided. Regarding the issue of avoiding the cataclysms, this is often brought up in channeled work. Change your ways, repent, and the future will be different. Catastrophe will be avoided. It’s up to us.

Another topic covered in Extraordinary Knowledge includes the U.S. governments involvement in extraterrestrial life and UFO activity. The book, notes K. R., is filled with extraordinary knowledge.

About the Author
K. R. was born in a small town in Poland. He now lives in New York.