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New Memoir Encourages Readers to Have Faith

Toronto News, (PR) February 17, 2012

A good story of personal triumph over adversity can inspire others. For example, Robert Downey, Jr. one of todays biggest stars, known for his recent roles as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes was once written off as another celebrity destroyed by drug addiction. He was able to battle back from addiction, depression, prison time and general rock bottom to reinvent himself as a respected actor in Hollywood. Offering her own story of victory, Ariel Paz delivers The Power of Faith: A Journey to Healing, Wholeness, and Harmony (published by iUniverse), her new book of recovery through faith in God.

Sharing stories from her spiritual journey, Paz offers life lessons to help readers use trials and tragedies as stepping stones along a path of healing, wholeness and harmony. In The Power of Faith she shares advice on how to deal with relationships, handle addictions, raise teens as a single parent and conquer fears and anxieties. The integral piece of advice that she offers the mantra that brought her out of her own darkest days is that faith overcomes trials.

If we allow them to, the trials we go through in life can serve us, says Paz. They can teach us much about ourselves, life, and others. Whats more, trials and tribulations can transport us into the life we want to live if we choose to respond in the right way.

Since anyone can embrace faith in their life, Paz points out that everyone can have the power needed to get through lifes challenges. The good news is we dont have to travel our path unarmed, she says. We all have within us a power a secret weapon, you might say to assist us in overcoming the challenges of life Im talking about the power of faith.