Off into the summer, Raptors can wait to figure things out

Off into the summer, Raptors can wait to figure things out

We’re at that time of the summer when the players are scattered to their various hometowns, the president’s ready to do his stuff in Africa, the general manager’s getting a well-earned break, the coach is catching his breath, the Summer League’s over – finally – and, yep.

Time to shut ‘er down.

This little tome from this morning’s paper should serve as a goodbye note to the Raptors and, yeah, the fans until we reconvene in late September.

Sure, there might be a signing or two but there’s every suggestion that they’ll be minor if they happen at all – think Sullinger, Scola – and we can let them go in peace, right?

I don’t think there really are any legitimate questions about the team as it percolates before training camp and what shocks me – well, a little bit – is this need to know things with any level of certainty right now.

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I get that so many want immediate answers to impossible questions but, really, there’s no sense trying to extrapolate what might happen with a team in late September when it’s not even August.

Find other pursuits, figure out who the Blue Jays might trade, wonder if the TFCs can repeat, try to guess the names of three Argos. Sit on a deck. Work on your golf game. Clean the garage. Do nothing. It’s that time of year.

No, they have no idea who’ll start – it could be Valanciunas and Ibaka in the front court with Powell and DeRozan on the wings; it could be Ibaka and Siakam as bigs with Miles and DeRozan on the wings.

Personally, I’m not all that concerned about who starts as opposed to who finishes because once you get into some kind of substitution pattern, things figure themselves out each night.

Does it make sense to bring Valanciunas off the bench? To a certain degree it absolutely does and that wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Does it makes sense to start Miles and let him finish so your presumptive best shooter plays heavy minutes? Sure does, especially if Norm Powell doesn’t take another major step in his development.

Could they play DeRozan as a primary ball handler with Powell and Miles and, say, Ibaka and Poeltl or Siakam in some weird small but big lineup? I’d love to see that for a few minutes in the pre-season just to see how it works.

How about Lowry, DeRozan, Powell, Miles and Ibaka all on the court at the same time? That’d be cool for a few minutes every now and then, I bet.

So, you see, there are all kinds of things on the table and training camp and the start of the season might be fun. But for now they’re all in the abstract and it’s time for everyone to step back, catch their breath and re-group for the grind that’s coming.

A fine Irregular sends this along and I’d totally forgotten about it.

Yeah, we need more mail, if you don’t mind.

Stop by if you don’t mind and ask away.

There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers.

You’ll be glad you played along.

I will fully admit that I had no idea what Shark Week was until the first one was over for about a month a couple of years ago and I haven’t really paid much attention to it since discovering it.

Sharknado seemed kinda oddly cool but I’ve never seen one and I don’t imagine I’ll be glued to the TV too much next week.

I do enjoy a good documentary every now and then and if there’s something legit about sharks that I stumble across I might watch.

But why in the world would an athlete of the stature of Michael Phelps decide it would be cool, or in his best interest, to “race” a great white as part of the week’s shenanigans?

And, no, it’s not enough to make me watch; I was able to resist Ben Johnson vs. a horse, I can imagine my life will be okay without seeing Phelps and a shark.

At least once a season until I started writing down the parking level and spot on my ticket every single time I go away on a road trip and leave my car at the airport, I could be found wandering the Pearson parking structure – especially the terrifyingly confusing Terminal 3 mess – clicking the panic button on my key fob to find out where I’d left the vehicle.

(Pro tip: Most alarms carry at least one floor up or down so all you have to be is kind of close)

So I can almost understand this kid’s plight when he came out of the Metallica concert the other night with no clue where he’d left his car.

Maybe it’s a bit over the top but, yeah, I can totally see it happening. And it’s a hilarious story.


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